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The Sustainable Entrepreneurs who made me stop and really listen – Protect the planet and your time

sustainability - ili laptop stand

A few months ago I was introduced to a couple via email called Céline and Zino, the founders of the sustainable and super portable ili laptop stand. 

I had been informed that they are well travelled, super cool and that I was very likely to connect with them and have a great conversation.  We set up a meeting for a couple of months later, to talk about sustainability and well being for entrepreneurs and left it there.  Last week I met them and to say that they had an impact on me is an understatement.  Something just clicked.  We all listen to things differently and if you have heard our discussion, I am sure that you got a lot from it.  You can tune in across your favourite podcast channel (episode 64).

First off, I loved hearing their story about not overthinking their new venture and jumping in to develop a sustainable product that was:

A – Aligned with their values

B – In need to stop physical pain and improve posture (something so many of us struggle with).

C – Practical and portable

Hearing them talk so passionately about their experience of working and lecturing around sustainability, a real sense of urgency started to wash over me.  I felt inspired by the way they make an effort to live mindfully and have a genuine love and concern about our planet.  I also loved hearing about their approach to mindful parenting and staying connected as a married couple.  Specifically concerning their desire and effort to protect time.  I loved this statement.  Protect your time because it’s precious.  To have dedicated screen free hours in the day is essential.  I found it refreshing talking with  entrepreneurs who love what they do but not to the extent that their focus on work impacts their time and relationships.

The laptop stand is slick and well crafted, just like this lovely couple.  I adore their singing too.  I had an amazing couple of hours with Céline and Zino, and I felt inspired and empowered.  I have made an effort to put some of our podcast discussion into practise.  Because we can all do our bit for the planet and every positive, mindful action we can take will all add up.

I am on a clothing spending detox and taking time to appreciate what I really have.  Sometimes we buy things to fill a void or to boost our self esteem when we feel low.  I have made a vow to only purchase things when I really need them and it feels satisfying.

I have spent even more time in nature, because we know that this is good for our minds and helps us to feel more present and connected to the world around us.  I spoke recently about my new found love of plants and how Bonnie and I have been enjoying caring for them together and watering them.  I spent some time picking plums with the kids the other night and we have been doing a lot more home baking and cooking, with natural plant based ingredients.  Tonight we made these delicious seed crackers from the recipe provided by our friend Norma at New Norm.  Another sustainable business that we love and support.

I really enjoy cooking with the kids as it gives us time to put the screens away and connect, have a chat and create something together.

I have made an effort to keep switching the lights off around the house to save energy.

I have been keeping tabs on my screen usage and spending more time being present with the family.  As a result, there have been less rows and more peace.  Long may it last.

I want to thank Céline and Zino for being wonderful.  I want to congratulate them on a fantastic product, which I believe to be great value for money.  So much so that the team at Apple have been interested to hear more as it fits their laptops perfectly.  Below is a clip of Zino showing me just how portable the laptop stand is.  What a clever cookie.  We do some singing too of course because it’s great for the mojo and we covered some intense topics on the podcast so we NEEDED to shake it off.


Thanks to those who have tuned into the podcast and if you have still to listen, enjoy.  It’s a goodie.  Get involved.


Much love, Jojo x







  1. Norma Gray
    September 6, 2019 / 12:02 pm

    Great to hear you’ve been getting busy in the kitchen with plant-based ingredients!

    • November 18, 2019 / 10:15 am

      We love it! Can I blog your sweetcorn chowder on mummy jojo and link to you please? x

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