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The chat that blew my mind – need a mojo injection? Wow

Jojo Fraser, author, podcaster, blogger
This weeks podcast (episode 57) gave me SO MUCH to think about but most importantly it got me thinking about our dreams.  First off, do you know what you want? That’s a great start.  I spoke this week with Forth Radio about taking the time out to work out what this is.  So often we go through life without taking the time to ask these big questions.
 I feel a song coming on, I tell you what I want, what I really, really want!  I have a clear vision of what I want and I see it.  I feel it.  But at the same time, I have been gently reminded of all the thoughts that get in my way.  BEWARE – the chat is dangerously thought provoking and inspiring.  I know I get excited, I sing and dance.  It’s not fake though, I am genuinely excited about these kind of discussions.

My guest is Edinburgh based Rob Begg, who was mentored by the legend that is Bob Proctor.  Rob’s passion and focus is to help people get what they really want.  He works with a lot of entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and achieve the time and money freedom.  This infectious desire started when he felt stuck back in 2005.  He was a ‘human doing’ not a ‘human being’.  Over the years, Rob has witnessed some incredible transformations including one of his clients getting an Oscar and one earning more in a week than they did in a year.  We get fairly deep but we know that living with an open mind is so much better for our mental health.  Open mindedness is essential for belief and more importantly for achieving our goals.  Helping people with their mojo is a passion that will never leave me. Believe me when I say I intend to inject you with a huge, natural hit of oxytocin, but it’s time to elevate that warm hug to a fiery spooning session. It’s time to raise the standards. It’s getting hot in here. For this to happen, I need your help. Because the work I do with this kind of amazing, inspirational and valuable content is all about you. It is about how you process it through your own lens. A lens that is none of my business. My ask is simple. Can you show up with an open mind? Can you stay curious?  By staying open minded, it allows me to produce podcast episodes that I believe to be exceptional.  Because when we are open minded, magic stuff happens.  The sad truth is that so many of us say ‘I hope this happens’, without really believing it.  When I started building my brand, I was advised to get a real job.  But nothing would stop me because I had no doubt in my mind whatsoever that things wouldn’t work out.  We become what we feel.  But I know that this isn’t always easy.  Which is why we need support.  We need to connect with people.   I loved connecting with Rob and was tempted to lock him in the house, his chat was so good.  Note, stay calm people.  Hubs was working from home that day.
Bob Proctor, Rob Begg, Jojo Fraser
Rob combines a unique blend of knowledge and skills gathered over more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, business and personal success coach and Proctor Gallagher consultant which supports clients to unlock their potential and which guarantees incredible results.
A lot of our discussion really spoke to me on a deeper level.  I have been thinking a lot about living on autopilot through our subconscious mind, which works day and night to make our behaviour fit a pattern consistent with our thoughts and desires. What amazes me is that our subconscious mind has the power to create an exciting, high energy day or a draining and heavy one.  We have all had both.  Do you make a decision each morning to go out and absolutely smash the day?  This podcast put a rocket up my butt and I know it will do the same for you.  I have pretty high intentions with this. What are you waiting for? Go tune in, we are ready for you.  CLICK HERE NOW IT’S FREE AND MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Let’s have another wee chat with Rob  (the legend).
Hi Rob, can I pick your brain a little further please?
Of course Jojo
Who would your ideal client be?
My  ideal client is someone who has a strong desire for change, is committed and is coach-able.  
So me? Jojo laughs.  I love what you say about a desire to change.  How long does it take for someone to change?

Another great question and the answer is “it depends”.

We are sold all the time on instant transformation and whilst having a desire and making a “committed decision” is the starting point; sustainable / permanent change is a process rather than an event.
Change can take place rapidly through creating awareness however to significant, sustainable typically takes several months.
I agree.  I am also wary of a ‘quick fix’.  What are the best results you have ever seen to date from your clients?
Winning an Oscar.
A client earning more in one week than they used to earn in a year.
What legacy would you like to leave?

Helping people to unlock their potential, live happier, healthier and wealthier lives as a result of waking up to who they really are and what they are capable of (instead of living based on who they think they’re not!)

Best restaurants in Edinburgh?

Great question and surprisingly hard to answer!

Best for what???
I love Petit Paris in Grassmarket for a taste of French café culture, a good steak and French red wine.
How do you unwind?

Doing work I truly love.

Cooking, eating out, a glass or three of red wine.
Reading, West Coast of Scotland, travel, fishing
Best advice you have ever had?
To work on myself every day.
Yes, Rob, keep up the great work!
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