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Express yourself, don’t suppress yourself – The Key to Connection

Edinburgh mental health podcast, Jojo Fraser

I think in songs.  I want to burst out in song right now.  ‘Express yourself’.  Don’t suppress yourself because it’s bad for your health.  I had an amazing podcast discussion with Nicola Humber, author of ‘Heal your Inner Good Girl’ and ‘Unbound’.  You can tune in here or on your favourite podcast channel. I can promise you it will give you something to think about and be of some inspiration, provided you listen with an open mind.  The phrase ‘Stay Curious’ will always be one of my favourite mantras in life. I have always been extremely inquisitive and when recently interviewing the amazing Sandra Burke OBE, (tune in here), her advice for a happy life was to stay curious.  I think when we make an effort to keep an open mind and catch ourselves when we start to become judgemental and overly critical, that magical things can happen.

Let me ask – are you a recovering people pleaser like myself and Nicola?  Are you still there? Are you afraid of showing your true self, perhaps you are afraid of expressing yourself.  My challenge is this – could it be time to break free? Yip, my mind is going for it again. Hey Freddie, let’s dance.

As Nicola writes in her book, we all have an inner good girl.  I am aware that a lot of men tune into my work too (hey there) so let’s go with ‘inner good child’.  This inner good child is not the true us.  The poor sod is just a little lost from messages we receive from the likes of society, people and culture.  Nicola and I explore how we get deeper into our true, free self.  It’s a fascinating conversation.  I love talking about focus.  It can be so tempting to cram.  To do as much as possible and as a result become overwhelmed and frazzled.  This podcast has reminded me to check in daily.  To take time each day to connect with nature.  When we take the time out for ourselves, it leads to a richer life.  An example we speak about is cooking.  I know that when I take the time to chop up my vegetables and put love, time and nutrition into our meals, I feel better.  It’s worth it.  But it can be easy to become too busy.  Prioritise yourself a little more.  When we do less, we become more.

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who tunes into my podcast.  It’s a very special place where we can share openly and help to normalise discussions around our minds.  To know that it is having an impact on people is the best feeling.  I am committed to ensuring this continues to be a place you look forward to coming to.  I will keep working hard and most importantly ensure I am always as honest as possible and curious.  Judge less, live more and don’t be so hard on yourself.

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