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A fun day out in Edinburgh, some hidden gems, hints and tips

Jojo Fraser, Edinburgh, Scotland

I love Edinburgh.  Okay, the weather can be a hit or a miss but there is absolutely no denying that it is a stunning city to visit with so much to offer.  I was recently challenged to explore the city further and discover hotels in Edinburgh, great places to eat, drink and shop plus of course any hidden gems.  I am always happy to showcase the various attractions in Edinburgh, because I am very proud to have been raised here and think that there is a lot going for it.  I recently heard an expression ‘Edinburgh people are dinosaurs.’  This made me laugh.  Yes, we have wonderful history and stunning castles and old streets to wander, but I want to prove that we are capable of moving with the times here. Maybe not all of us but most of us can try and lead the way.  Something I say on my podcast a lot is that we need to be open minded, this is so good for our mojo. 

A good day out for me always starts with a walk and a nice coffee shop.  It was a glorious sunny day when I set out, so I took time to walk along Princes Street and enjoy the views of Edinburgh Castle, the gardens and up towards the iconic royal mile.  If you look towards the Balmoral Hotel, which I love for afternoon tea, there are stunning views out towards Arthurs Seat and the coast.  As the sun was shining so bright, I decided to go into Jenners, which is a beautiful store and a must at Christmas time.  I picked up some city block, 25 SPF, from the lovely girl on the clinique counter.  She was so complimentary about my skin (busting a myth that Edinburgh people are scary, closed minded dinosaurs) and she applied some stunning coral liptsick which gave me a huge mojo injection for the day.

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh day out

I then walked around St Andrews Square, which is now a hot spot in the city, with lots of amazing restaurants looking across a leafy green open park.  Coffee was on my mind and with the sun shining, I decided that the rooftop restaurant in Harvey Nicks was the place to enjoy my caffeine hit with a view.  I then enjoying some shopping in their fab gift shops and drooled over shoes (I will admit I was tempted by the summer sale) and of course bags and perfumes.  I am a big fan of the Tom Ford counter and love the scents.

Jojo Fraser, Edinburgh, Scotland

I then decided to check out George street, which is a lovely walk to browse and of course soak up some sun.  In terms of gift shops, one of my favourite finds can be found on Rose Street and is called Eteakit.  It’s full of the most stunning leaf tea, which smell incredible.  The owner sources the products in Scotland and the products can also be used to make cocktails.  I purchased the Bollywood Chai as a gift for myself (and of course all who will visit me).

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author


Eteaket Jojo Fraser, Edinburgh blog

I do a lot of podcasts from the house so I figure it’s a gift that shall continue to give.  I also love a bath bomb, as do my kids, so I wandered along to lush.  Some of them are fairly pricy (I think £5 – £7 for one bomb is quite steep), but I like to get them every now and again for a wee treat.

I then checked out some boutiques.  Another few coffee shops I would recommend on George Street are Burr &Co, Wellington Coffee and the lovely 127, which is part of Eden Locke.

For lunch, I adore the Ivy.  For one, the toilets smell amazing.  I was invited to check it out for lunch a few months ago with my lovely blogger friend Alison.  She also wrote a great article about some special places in Edinburgh. 

I treated myself to a stunning glass of white wine and the lobster risotto.  I was a very happy girl.


I then took a nice wander up the mound, to check out the Castle, Greyfriers Bobby and all the beautiful historic buildings up there.

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh blogger and author

After a decent walk, it was time to indulge in a hot chocolate at Hotel Chocolat and of course a little bit more shopping aka champagne truffles and salted caramel chocolate bombs.  All in all, a top day.

The spending money for this collaboration was gifted by, but all views are my own.



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