Keep Playing – sustainable wooden toys that hit the spot

Keep Playing – sustainable wooden toys that hit the spot

Our 4 year old just loves playing.  If we give him a toy it will be used.  He always takes a toy to bed with him too, holding onto it as tightly as possible.  It melts my heart a little bit.  Recently I was asked if we wanted to check out the ‘Junior Inventor’ which marks a brand new category from sustainably made children’s toy brand Hape.  Hape is one of the largest producers in wooden toys, with many of us avoiding plastic now, I was very happy to give this a shot.  It was perfect timing arriving during the school Easter holidays.  I always like to schedule in a few slower mornings at home where we can chill, do a bit of cooking and playing (book writing for me too when the chance comes up).  Then when the kids start arguing I know it’s time to head out for some fresh air or a change of scenery.

The Junior inventor is suitable for children 4 years + and is based on a process of trial, error and creation.  Kids can invent and experiment whilst explore the very basis of physics and learn how these practices can be adorned into the real world.

Charlie is really enjoying playing with it.  From the moment it arrived, he was super excited.

Hape wooden toys - junior inventor Hape wooden toys - junior inventor Hape wooden toys - junior inventor Hape wooden toys - junior inventor

Daddy always loves a challenge too with the DIY kit and it’s a good bonding experience.  Note – I am not normally one for gender stereotypes but my DIY isn’t the best because I am too obsessed with other things like playing piano, creating content, reading, taking images and writing.  You get the idea 🙂


Hape wooden toys - junior inventor Hape wooden toys - junior inventor Hape wooden toys - junior inventor


Play is essential to development and it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of our little people. Despite the benefits derived from play for both children and parents, time for free play has been reduced for many due to our ‘always on’ culture.  I have been quite strict in terms of how many classes I have signed the kids up for.  I think time relaxing at home is important, as is the odd lazy morning in our pj’s playing, enjoying music and doing our own thing.  I have always wanted to encourage the kids to play alone in their rooms too so that they can become independent and learn to enjoy their own company.   This is such an important life skill for our mental fitness.

Hape believes that the future begins and belongs to our children. It is our duty to leave them with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems. All Hake toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world we live in.  Science shows us that kids (and adults) learn best through play.  Play is good for our mental fitness.  In a world full of screens and distractions, we need to make time to keep playing.  Thanks to Hake, Charlie is delighted and I have always loved a wooden toy.  Keep playing and a gentle reminder – we don’t need to stop playing with age.  Having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously is great for our creativity.  Why not sit calmly and enjoy a jigsaw or a game of chess? Silence helps to grow the brain which in turn will boost our productivity and creativity as adults too.

Scottish wellbeing author and blogger Jojo Fraser


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