A great new tool for hassle free gift collections – Giftround

A great new tool for hassle free gift collections – Giftround

Ever tried to collect funds for a group gift and been tempted to pull your hair out?  It’s hard.  I remember last year, whilst collecting funds for a teachers leaving gift, I didn’t want to stalk parents in the playground.  And let’s face it, not many of us carry cash.  It’s the same when it comes to the office collection, it almost feels a bit old school to be walking around with an envelope, asking people to donate.  We now live in a busier world, time is precious and we need tools to keep up with the frantic pace of life.  I sometimes like to book a hair or wax appointment at the very last minute eg 10.30pm for the next morning at 9.30am .  There are some amazing entrepreneurs out there that understand this and are taking time to develop systems that will make things easier. 

I had heard about a new system for collecting funds for group gifts, which got my attention.  It turned out the founder, Craig Forsythe, completed the same entrepreneurial spark course I had been part of, out at the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Funnily enough, I bumped into him on a mindset course recently and it was great to hear of his success with it.  Which promped me to put a message out to the parents at my kids school, to see if they wanted to use it.  Craig tells me that it has gone nuts over the past couple of weeks, with parents collecting gift funds for school teachers.

You simply go onto the website at giftround here and set up an account for the gift you are collecting for which takes about a minute.  This is ideal for –

Teachers collection

Office collection

A family birthday collection

A group holiday kitty or collection

Stag and Hen weekend collection


I am sure you can think of plenty more.

You then get a link that you can post on social media or to a group/team in an office.  People can donate.  You can add extra people to the group as admin.  Then once everyone has had the chance to donate by the deadline that you can easily set, you can take the money out by simply putting in your bank details.  I love it.

I’m really thrilled for Craig that this is taking off.  I caught up with him to get his thoughts and some inspiration.


Gift Round

Hi Craig.  I can understand why things are going so well.  Congrats on an amazing idea and all the hard work in bringing this vision together.  I am happy to back anything that helps take away stress and save us time!  Where did you get the idea from?
Whilst helping decorate my parents new house.  I actually woke up thinking why isn’t there a service to replace the annoying brown envelope and card that goes around the office for leaving collections?
I love this!  Simple but so true.  How did you turn your vision into a reality?
Because I was busy working as a freelance outdoor pursuits instructor canoeing and guiding GiftRound only got as far as small talk, “I’ll tell you my business idea, if you don’t tell anyone!”
It remained just an idea until I joined the RBS Entrepreneurial Accelerator in 2017 and began to pull together some proper market research together with some Friends & Family investment to get the first basic version up and running.
I can relate to this, especially ‘don’t tell anyone’.  When you get that feeling, you often know you have a wonderful idea.  What are your core company values?
To make group collections for gifts hassle free and enable amazing gifts possible.
Hassle free sounds like music to my ears!  How do you unwind as a busy entrepreneur?
I love spending time exploring the Scottish outdoors or struggling round a golf course.
Outdoors is good for the soul and being in nature actually helps to grow our brains so great stuff!  In your words, and one of my favourite questions to ask people …..The key to happiness is ……….
Being content with what you have, contribute when you can and every day choosing to be kind to yourself and others.
Thanks so much Craig. Wishing you all the best with this and thanks in advance for saving us some time and hassle this month at a very frantic time.
Scottish wellbeing author and blogger Jojo Fraser


To set up a collection now click here.


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