They say that if we spend more time in prayer and meditation that there would be no wars.  I agree.  Taking some time out to be still and reflect is so important for our minds.  The busier we feel, the more important this is.  I found that after my mindfulness course I had more patience with the kids.  When we work on ourselves and our own personal development, we have more armour to deal with these adorable little rascals.

Essential Oils

I love essential oils.  My Mum made a lavender spray for the kids which they love.  Essential oils are great for calming us down.  There is no denying the power of scent.  Why not put some oil on your wrist and give it a good sniff.  Or even better run a nice oil bath.  Sometimes we do a spa afternoon at home when the sparks are going off on one.

You got this!

Ps – I just asked Bonnie what calms her down when she gets angry and she said jumping on her trampoline.  This reminds me – of course exercise is brilliant for this to.  Go for a walk, a brisk run and go and punch a boxing bag.  It’s great for saying bye to the temper and hello to the mojo.

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