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A great book for sports day season that promotes road safety to kids and adults

Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety

Last week, on the lead up to Bonnie’s sports day, we were kindly sent a book all about the famous Ziggy, the main character from a series of road safety story books aimed at nursery and Primary 1 children.  We also got a soft, cuddly Ziggy of our own to keep at home.  There were fights, but in the end, Charlie got full custody.  Each book follows Ziggy and his friends as they navigate around town following road and crossing signs correctly so they get to their destination free from harm.  The idea is that reading about Ziggy and his friends doing this will get young kids to think about the importance of road safety in a way that’s fun and engaging for them.  This is something I have been working hard to drill into the kids, especially Charlie who is currently 4.  He loves running and is super fast, so I can never fully relax when we are out and about.  We talk about road safety a lot and stopping and having a good look and listen.  Bonnie at 6 is well aware of the motto – stop, look, listen and think.  This gives me a little bit of reassurance but it’s still important that we talk about it.  It can be so easy to get distracted, especially when we are out having fun with friends and the excitement levels are rising.

Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety


The latest book in this fab series is called Ziggy’s Sports Day, which is ideal with the sports day season being very much upon us.  The kids love the story, especially as they have been so excited about sports day, and I’ll be frank – I made Hubs read it too.  As the book reminds us, academic research has highlighted the connection between a parent who drives riskily and their children who are more likely to go on to do the same.  Our kids are like sponges and pick up so much.  I have noticed how observant Bonnie and Charlie are in the car.  A key point for me is keeping calm.  I work hard at mindfulness and mindset which helps me, although of course I have my moments of weakness.  Hubs on the other hand likes to have a bit of a shout and swear.  I call it drivers ego but when I tell him he needs more zen time he likes to have a laugh, calling me Mrs ‘head in the clouds’.  I think deep down though he knows.  Road rage doesn’t solve anything as  I discuss in this short clip.  Ziggy’s sports day reminds us of some important home truths and how important it is that we teach our kids to rise above any drama by remaining calm.  This is such a useful lesson that they can take into other areas of their life.


Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and road safety for kids

I have been very tempted to use the phone whilst in traffic, perhaps trying to put on a podcast or some tunes.  Bonnie is all over it though and will shout ‘no phones in the car’.  Another rule I speak of is no phones on the dinner table and she keeps us right with that too.  She doesn’t miss a thing!

Sports day was extra special with Ziggy coming along to join in the party, it brought the story to life for the kids.

Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety Jojo Fraser - Ziggy and Road Safety

I would highly recommend this book for kids (cough cough and adults).


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  1. Lynda Kennedu
    July 30, 2019 / 5:34 pm

    I’m so happy that Charlie and Bonnie love the stories. Fab photos! Zab-a-ding-a-Doo to you all! love Lynda Kennedy x (Ziggy’s mum.) 😉

    • July 31, 2019 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks so much, such a great story X

  2. Lynda Kennedy
    July 30, 2019 / 5:35 pm

    PS LOVE the Paddington duvet set. I had a similar one…quite a few years ago now. 😉

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