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Why mindset training is taking over good old fashioned hard work

Jojo Fraser - focus, effort and goal digging

Last week I recorded a powerful podcast (episode 45) all about our mindset and mental health with Kaye Taylor, co founder of SK Chase. I felt lighter at the end of it and Kaye’s soothing words had a big impact on me.   As a successful entrepreneur, Kaye passionately believes that Hustle, grind and striving are old models of transformation and have a huge downside. I get where she is coming from.  I talk to a lot of ‘successful’ people who struggle with their well being which has got me thinking – what does success actually mean? To me it means that feeling of contentment that comes with living a purpose filled life.  It means being bold and listening to the gut feeling that tells us when something is wrong.  Of course it means balance too.  Kaye challenged me to think of the times I am not thinking (as a writer thinking can become addictive) and she encouraged me to keep doing those activities.  The first thing that sprung to mind for me was singing and dancing carefree, lost in music. Be it alone or with friends and family, music will always be a priority.  Music is mojo aka a time that I am not thinking.  A time I am living.  Being in the water under the sky is one of those times too, perhaps a reason I am getting so into my wild swimming.

Wild Swimming - Jojo Fraser

Can you write down some of those times right now?  Times that you come to life?

Kaye talks to me about what she believes to be the REAL source of performance.   The one variable that changes everything – our state-of-mind.

You can tune in here or subscribe on the podcast app here).  I write in my book about a 3 day mind spa I attended with Kaye a few years ago, based on the teachings of Sydney Banks, a well-known philosopher, author and lecturer from Edinburgh.  After a profound insight into the true nature of the mind in 1973, Banks spent the latter part of his life sharing that insight with all who would listen. The result was the development of an understanding called The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.  Some of my favourite self development books have picked up on these principles and take into account the impact that working crazy long hours has on us.

Kaye believes that this understanding changes the game of leadership and business and allows people to access new levels of creativity, insight, and resilience.  It was amazing to listen to her and learn about the positive impact this type of mindset training has had on her professional and personal life.  The discussion was also an essential reminder that how we feel is as important as what we have.  Kaye shared some powerful stories about her own mental health, including a moment of clarity where she realised that she had everything she could want but still her mind was keeping her from enjoying it.  I know that many of us will relate to this.

A couple of powerful statements from Kaye have stuck with me.

‘It is everyone’s birthright to experience positive mental health’ and

‘Our mental health is what is at the heart of the nation’.

If you have followed my work for a while, you will know that I fully agree.  This is why I work hard on my mind and I work hard at creating content to help give you a boost aka mojo injection.  I would love to get your feedback on this powerful episode.  I enjoyed it so much that I have booked to go on The Beyond Limits Business Summit, where Kaye and other entrepreneurs will be speaking and covering the question:

‘How do we achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment in our work and life?’

I am delighted to be able to offer you a discount code for this.  You can book at this link  using the promo code: BLBS_JJF_50 (£50 off ticket price (of £395).

This summit is designed to bring together like-minded, high achieving individuals.  To quote the team behind it:

‘We’re bringing together trailblazers, pioneers, thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs who have all had profound insights and shifts resulting in huge wins in their work and lives.  These speakers will inspire, educate, and open you up to a new understanding of human performance and potential.’

You can learn more here.

Bring it on, hope to see you there.  Here’s to giving our mental health and our state of mind more priority in 2019.  Self care to me is not just about going for a good massage or an essential oil bath, although those things to me are mega for the mojo.  Self care to me is about challenging ways that no longer serve us.  It’s about giving our happiness more priority.  It’s about saying no where required.   It’s about slowing down where required.  It’s about looking after our mind as much as our body.  Because I agree with Kaye.  It’s your birthright to experience positive mental health.

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