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Luxury giveaway at my favourite Edinburgh Spa – Time for a screen detox Mojo Injection?

Jojo Fraser hits One Spa, Edinburgh for a mojo injection

I write in my book about self-care being significantly underrated.  We need a small dose of it daily and sometimes we need to go all out and prioritise it for the majority of the day.  Self-care to me will often involve screen free time.  Last weekend, I did so for 6 full hours and it was utterly bliss.  Hubs came with me and it was so needed.  I feel like we are constantly interrupted when we are at home or in the car and by the time the kids are in bed, we are both often too tired to talk.  We need to be strict and try and get more time away together.

I get a lot of messages saying I have encouraged people to embrace self-care and to be kinder to themselves and this makes me so happy.  I am delighted to be able to offer one of you an amazing mojo injection via my favourite Edinburgh spa: One Spa.  One Spa first opened in October 2001 at a cost of £10 million and has seen continuous investment over the years, completing a full refurbishment of its Thermal Suite in 2018, adding two brand new experiences, upgrading existing experiences and delivering a contemporary finish throughout.

Hubs and I were really excited to check out the new refurbishment and I am delighted to inform you that it didn’t disappoint.  I was hooked at the tropical showers with birds tweeting.  I set one rule for the day: no phones.  In fact, any screens would be left in the lockers.  I spoke on BBC radio recently about the importance of a screen detox (I have a whole chapter dedicated to it in the book) and this is becoming more crucial in our fast-paced world.  So much so that the Scottish government have issued new guidelines and I would add to those that a longer detox is required at least one full day of the week.  Sometimes that can feel impossible but I feel passionately about this.  I think it is important to remind ourselves that our job list will never be finished.  The inbox will keep filling up, as will the feeds across social media.  It is so tempting to race through life but what practising mindfulness encourages me to do is more walking.  The greatest gift we can give ourselves is time.  Time to be present and time to enjoy the simple things.

Jojo Fraser hits One Spa, Edinburgh for a mojo injection

A lot of you will know that I am one serious water baby.  I utterly adore being in the water, ideally outside so I can look up at the sky and be reminded of the bigger picture.  Being outside in nature encourages us to look outwardly and this is so good for the soul.  Also, as a writer I find going for a swim can help me get clarity and it boosts the creative side of my brain.  The iconic rooftop Hydropool is just the beginning of the journey to wellbeing and rejuvenation at One Spa and I think this really makes the spa stand out from the others in Edinburgh.  This pool is an amazing space whatever the weather and time of day.  It was lovely to be able to have a chat with Hubs without being interrupted by the little people.  Time flies in the water and it will always be my happy place.

We were both treated to an amazing ESPA Chakra Balancing Treatment, which lasted close to two hours.  Our chakras are seven subtle energy centres in the body that affect our equilibrium and inner harmony. When blocked these Chakras can affect the body and mind emotionally and physically.  The experience included a full body exfoliation and refreshing face cleanse before a heavenly full body massage with hot stones.  If this wasn’t enough, we were then treated to a head massage.  We were on cloud nine at this stage as we headed to the relaxation room.  After a light lunch, it was time to enjoy the thermal suite which offers an unrivalled range of uplifting water, salt and heat experiences designed to help guests re balance and refresh body and mind.  I love the new salt room. It not only looks super chic, the benefits of salt therapy have been talked about for years.  My Mum started going to salt caves a few years ago to help with her sinuses and noticed a difference.  A dry salt room is great for asthma too and there are studies to show that it helps with our relaxation levels.

Jojo Fraser hits One Spa, Edinburgh for a mojo injection


All of the heat rooms have special features, such as the impressive Amethyst crystal in the steam room.

Jojo Fraser gets a mojo injection at one spa

I love a steam room, it really chills me out and I find that they are a great place to practise some mindful breathing.  They are also useful for reducing limb and joint pain and symptoms of arthritis.

Hubs and I also love a tiled bed and with a good book or magazine, even better.


Jojo Fraser gets a mojo injection at one spa Edinburgh


Unfortunately, the Hammam was closed, I was keen to try this and the aromatic scents that help to promote mental relaxation.  I also love the fact there are sinks and liked the idea of splashing cold water on my face.


Jojo Fraser gets a mojo injection at one spa Edinburgh



I love the rustic look and feel of The Rock sauna.


Jojo Fraser hits one spa for a mojo injection


There is also a new relaxation room which offers a quiet, darker space for guests to relax deeply and switch off completely. The dimly lit twinkling starry sky and dancing flames of the log fire soothe the senses and encourage mindfulness.


Jojo Fraser gets a mojo injection at one spa Edinburgh

With all this talk of practising mindfulness, I think it’s time to give out a serious mojo injection.  The giveaway involves a Made for Life Organics Mindful Moments treatment and Escape at One for 2.

Mindful moments – this treatment involves a beautiful and nurturing meditation and massage experience to clear your mind and soothe your soul.

The treatment includes:

  • Mindful moments connection
  • Back massage
  • Head massage

Yes please!  To enter, share this post across your favourite social media channel and tag a friend who deserves a mindful moment.  Good luck.  Winner announced in a few weeks.  Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and find those pockets of chilled out time in the day.  It is so tempting to rush through life but we need to get off the busy treadmill and take some time.  We all need a mojo injection.



  1. Kay Anderson
    March 6, 2019 / 8:54 am

    Thank you for your words as I totally believe that we need to get of the treadmill and smell the roses!
    Life is so fast that we forget to self care and if we do not we can fall very ill as a result of not stopping and enjoying what you love to do!

    I have learnt the hard way and have to constantly tell myself to slow down

  2. Vicky M
    March 16, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    I shared this on twitter – lovely giveaway 🙂

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