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Managing the admin of Broadband, Bills and general life

Broadband deals UK, wellness and stress

If you have listened to my podcast or followed my blog for a while you will be aware that my Hubs loves a good deal.  In fact, I would go as far as to say he is rather obsessed – Martin Lewis move over.  The Sun newspaper approached me for advice on saving money for kids parties and I gave them one amazing article crammed with tips.  Who gets the credit for that?  Hubs.

I think the biggest issue for me is the b word.  We are all busy.  I love to delegate and ask for help, but sometimes I need to do my research too.  Hubs tells me that if he was hit by a bus tomorrow, I would end up paying way more than I need to.  I’m not one for gender stereotypes, but I would be interested to hear who looks after the deals in your home.  We had a bit of a disaster this week as my in laws cancelled their Netflix and of course Hubs had us on their account to save us money.  Once it went off, we realised how much we enjoyed it.  So we have been looking at new broadband deals and debating what to do.  I know a lot of you write to me to say you struggle with balancing life.  Admin can often go to the bottom of the pile, but the research shows us that when we spend a little time each day to clear up and get more organised, it really helps our wellbeing.  So on that note, I am sharing some tips from Hubs.

Visit comparison sites

There are a lot of great comparison websites that do the work for us and offers great advice in terms of the best broadband deals.

Get a friend to recommend

This means that both you and your friend can get a financial incentive

Use cashback sites – Quidco / Top Cashback

I had never heard of these sites but it is true, websites give you actual cashback for making purchases!


If you don’t ask, you don’t get as Hubs would say and they can often make it cheaper.  Also, if you buy as part of a bundle then this can help to keep the cost down.

Do your research , you may be paying for more than you need

I think this can be hard when we are all so busy, but perhaps taking a break from social media, which can easily suck us in for hours, could be spent doing a little more research.

Loyalty – companies pay for loyalty so often, if you are happy, then it makes sense to stick.


I hope these tips are of use to you.


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