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When should we wear makeup and who are we wearing it for? – Mojo injection Giveaway with Caroline Stewart

makeup and mental health - Edinburgh giveaway

When should we wear makeup and who are we wearing it for?

I have collaborated with amazing humans in the past, discussing topics such as makeup and mental health.  Research shows that makeup can be very good for our mental health.  It can help people get out of bed and face the day.  It gives us a boost, it increases our confidence.  The act of putting it on can be really relaxing.  Let’s call it mindful makeup application.  It’s a little bit like mindful cooking, except for the face.  Although, having met Caroline recently, I’m going to say the act of being pampered in my own home and then looking like a bit of a sexy minx is way better. This gal has the skills.


So .... when should we wear makeup and who are we wearing it for?

The answer, in my opinion, is simple.  Wear makeup when it makes you happy.  Wear it for yourself.  

If wearing makeup makes you happy, it’s nothing to do with anyone else.  If you can’t be bothered wearing it, even if you get way more compliments when you do, screw everyone else.  You see, I am coming at this from both sides. I get SO MANY compliments when I have my makeup and hair done professionally.  I’m talking WAY more.  I counted one day recently, after a session with Caroline, and I got 33 compliments about how wonderful I looked.  I enjoyed the compliments, it was lovely.  Having my makeup done puts a little spring in my step, it gives me a confidence boost and I feel fantastic.  BUT for me, it’s not realistic to wear a full face of makeup every day.  For one, I think Caroline is pretty busy.  Some days I don’t want to put makeup on, especially if I am going swimming which I enjoy doing as often as possible.  Some days I simply don’t have the time, ok I could make the time but other things take priority.  Hubs sometimes tells me he prefers me with no makeup.  He also tells me he is not a fan of tattoos. Go figure.  We have to do what makes us happy.  Not what makes other people happy.

For me, whilst I adore wearing makeup, I think it’s important to remember that it’s not our value.  We have so many more things to us over a flawless face that make us wonderful.

Now – onto our giveaway.

I firmly believe that we all deserve a bit of pampering, which is why I want to offer a lovely giveaway for you and of course support another amazing small business.  Who would like their hair and makeup done in the comfort of their own home?  To enter, share this post on your preferred social media platform and tag a friend in the comments who deserves some self-care.

This week it’s children’s mental health week and an important part of this awareness is practising self care as a parent.  Fill up that cup with a little bit of ‘me time’, because you are more than just a Mum, Gran, Auntie, carer or friend.

I met Caroline when I was guest speaker at The Simplicity Concept breakfast club.


She told me


‘As soon as I left school at 16, I knew I wanted to do makeup.’ 


What REALLY appealed to me is that she comes round to the house to provide the pampering and she happens to be amazingly talented.  The first time she came I had a free, calm and quiet house.  The next time it was early in the morning so she got to meet the kids.  She was great with them and Bonnie was delighted to have a little snoop at all the glitter.  She is already obsessed with playing with makeup.

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She is clearly very passionate about what she does and believes that knowledge is the key in makeup artistry. Knowing her client’s skin, tone and what is right for them is important to her and her passion is to make people feel their very best and beautiful, without caking on makeup. She believes makeup should be to enhance natural features and not completely change them. Unless of course you are going on a Halloween night out and want a zombie face or skull.


Her weeks are never the same and she gets booked for so many different things.  She has done workshop, kids theatre groups, been on film sets, worked on many photo shoots for lots of companies or just testing for fun.  She has met so many comedians doing their makeup in the festival for TV appearances, theatre opera show doing makeup and wigs. She has also given makeup lessons and met so many lovely people along the way.



Some more chat from Caroline


Why is it that lovely makeup and hair makes us feel so confident?


It just enhances our features so much more, reducing flaws that you maybe don’t like about yourself and enhancing the good parts. If you feel good about yourself your confidence will shine and it’s an added bonus. Also, the experience of being pampered by someone.  A lot of my clients are mothers or very hard-working ladies which gives them some ‘me time’, which is so important. Time to just to sit down and relax for an hour is magic.


I have to agree with this, I almost fell asleep the last time Caroline was over as I was forced to simply stop.


What do you enjoy most about your job? 


The best part of my job is seeing clients faces when they look in the mirror after with a big smile on their face. That for me is why I love what I do so much. I also do such a wide range of services that my weeks are not the same and keeps me so interested in what I do. I never feel like I am working, I feel like I’m getting to be creative while meeting lots of new people.


You can contact Caroline at the info below

Edinburgh hair and makeup giveaway - Edinburgh blogger Edinburgh hair and makeup giveaway - Edinburgh blogger Edinburgh hair and makeup giveaway - Edinburgh blogger



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