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Bringing the Blue Lagoon to Scotland and the UK – Water and mindfulness

Bringing the Blue Lagoon to Scotland and the UK – Water and mindfulness

I have always wanted to go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and I am sure I will get there one day.  The closest I have been was in Reykjavik airport in 2001. We know the happiness stats in places like Finland, Denmark and Iceland are pretty high up there and of course this goes against a lot of the stereotypes because these countries are cold.  I write in my book about my love for all things hygge, I embraced this kind of lifestyle way before it was in fashion.  I adore being in the water outside and then enjoying a cosy sauna and steam room.  I am drawn to fires and could spend hours reading or writing beside one. I often light candles at home, which my 4 year old loves to blow out to wind me up.

I promised myself I would prioritise more time this year to spend in my Edinburgh blue lagoon.  David Lloyd is the closest I will get to having my own outside, heated pool.  It’s magical after a Blaze class or a weights session and it’s magical in the morning, especially in the winter.  I adore seeing the steam come up and this week I have literally  been swimming into steam and sunshine.  I was chatting to a guy in the pool this morning (everyone I meet in the outdoor pool is happy and thankful). He said he was in Gran Canaria last week and that the water was warmer today here in baltic Scotland.  It got me thinking about all the people I have met in my little blue lagoon this week.  I’ve heard groans of happiness (easy now) and comments such as ‘this is bliss’.  There are a couple of ladies, one of them tells me she is in her 80’s, and they always look so thankful and so present when I see them.  Perhaps it’s a sensation of being on holiday, or being in the water brings back memories from childhood.  I was thinking of some of my own childhood memories this morning whilst swimming into blissful steamy sunshine.  Either way, something about swimming outside is magical.  I feel calm, happy, chilled out and life just feels easy.  I’ve even got Hubs into it on his lunch break, after he hits the gym.

David Lloyd Edinburgh - fitness and wellness blogger

I often write and talk about mindfulness for busy people and some of you will be aware that I am currently doing a course with The mindful Enterprise, which involves regular practise.  It has been amazing listening to others talk about how regular mindful practise has had a positive impact on their relationships.  I was thinking on my drive home from a talk last night that Hubs and I are getting on a lot better this week.  Is it because I am looking after my own mental health?  I am pretty sure that subconsciously the course has encouraged me to embrace my blue lagoon all the more and I have managed to fit in 4 sessions this week, even with the job lists tempting me to skip a favourite form of self care.  I have been doing some of the breathing techniques in the steam room too.  Studies prove the positive effect of water on our overall health, which helps to encourage and improve Mindfulness.  Being near, in, on or even under water can positively impact our happiness, mental health and productivity.  The act of mindfulness helps us to get out of our own heads.  Our brains are better put towards being creative and using our imagination.  As a writer, being in the water helps me to not only switch off and be mindful, but to create better content and words.

I promised myself this year I would spend more time doing things that make me happy.  I promised myself I would prioritise and so far I am sticking to it, as a speaker I have to practise what I preach.  I can’t be giving talks about getting the mojo back if I am not working on my own mojo and happiness.  Next week it’s children’s mental health week and I shall be giving talks in schools.  I am raising my kids to be water babies.  Charlie got the arm bands off last year (full credit to his amazing swimming teacher Jaclyn Marshall) and both kids are totally free and happy in the water.  It’s a great way to get us off the screens.  I am currently trying to talk Hubs aka Mr Maintenance into putting the lazy spa back up in the garden so I can get them off those ipads and tablets when it’s all too tempting to waste the hours away.  Yip and myself off social media and gmail!  Wish me luck.

Happy February peeps, enjoy some time to come to life this month.  It’s always worth it.

Quote ‘Mummy Jojo’ for a comp pass to Edinburgh David Lloyd clubs (worth £25).  You can take the whole family.  Send me a selfie X

David Lloyd Edinburgh - fitness and wellness blogger David Lloyd Edinburgh - fitness and wellness blogger

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