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GIVEAWAY – lose weight, eat beautiful homemade plant based food with no cooking or dishes!

New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based

First up, a lot of you will know I love to cook on stories and dance around my kitchen like a loon.  I also love a bit of batch cooking.  But some weeks it can be so hard trying to juggle everything. There are weekends I have no time to plan meals or do food prep and days I forget to take stuff out the freezer. This is when I end up throwing something in the oven out of desperation or leaving it to Hubs.  His ‘go to’ in such desperate scenarios, after a day at work. tends to be toast and cheese.  Although recently he forgot the kids don’t like pickle which was a rather epic fail.  I digress.

I confessed last month on BBC radio that I am a bit of a flexitarian.  We all know that a plant-based diet is the favoured approach for both our health and well being and many of us are going for a minimum of 3 day a week plant based only.  I don’t think I have the self-control to give up steak or cheese just yet and my body doesn’t seem to mind it too much.  Let’s keep an open mind and see what happens.  I recently met Norma, who is a glowing picture of health and she also happens to have her own plant-based food company which is called New Norm.  I want to add, that this girl can cook.  Holy sweet moly.  I may have groaned a lot when I sampled her carrot cake energy bar.  Last week, I was kindly sent her 3-day meal cleanse and restore plan.  You can choose from a 3, 5- or 7-day complete meal plan that is carefully put together to fuel your body with only natural plant based whole foods. The key aim is to leave you feeling cleansed from the impurities of processed foods, and replenished by all essential nutrients in the whole foods.  I have to say though, for busy people especially, it was much more than that.

New Norm - plant based food, Edinburgh, healthy food

New Norm - plant based food, Edinburgh, healthy food

The three hearty and wholesome meals every day, complete with her delicious natural energy bars and plant-based dips (I got 3) with healthy seed crackers were a real treat.   She even included 3 different teabags.  Everything was taken care of.  There were no energy highs and lows and I felt great, but I also relished having everything ready for me.  I also loved the fact that every meal was so different so it didn’t get boring.  You can check out the full menu I enjoyed here.

All dishes can be recycled too.

New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based New Norm, healthy foodie Edinburgh, plant based

I would describe the meals as extremely nourishing but also ideal for a foodie.  All the recipes have something very moreish about them, from the lovely coconut cream in the sweetcorn chowder, to the cumin roasted carrots and veggie chilli and curry.  I adored the breakfasts too and have never had bircher before, it was lovely.  This felt like a lot more than a cleanse, I still got my foodie fix each day and could tell a lot of love was put into every single element.  The homemade crackers are delicious too.

I caught up with Norma to get a little more chat.

What made you decide to start it all up?
I had been burning the candle at both ends; working long hours, eating badly, drinking too much and not getting enough sleep.  I started dabbling in eating a more plant-based diet with the goal of losing some weight and clearing my skin, but was quickly blown away by the impact that being much more conscious of my food choices was having on my holistic health. I had more energy and I felt more motivated so I was exercising more and as a result felt much more confident.
At the same time though i was annoyed, because it was really difficult to eat a fully plant-based diet unless you were prepared to cook every single meal from scratch…why was it that junk food is so cheap and easy to come by whereas good whole food quite the opposite!?
So that was motivation really, i wanted to offer something that make nourishing plant-based food easily accessible to help people experience the many benefits of a whole food diet even if they don’t have time to cook every meal from scratch.
Everything I tasted was delish, what are you personal fave dishes on the recipe?
My personal fav is the Moroccan tagine…i love the combination of sweet and spiciness – could eat it every day!
I also love the beetroot dip, i think healthy snacking is so important and it’s nice to experiment with new dips and thinks that break free from the chickpea…as much as I love a chickpea when you’re vegan it’s easy to get bored of them!
Do you eat solely plant based now and if so why?
I don’t actually, and I’m always conscious that people will think i’m a fraud when I say this! I probably eat about 80% plant-based, i cook 100% plant-based myself but sometimes my snacks or when I eat out i veer off course a little.  For me the most important thing is being conscious about what I’m eating, listening to my body and having a healthy relationship with food. I don’t want to restrict myself too much so I start resenting food rather than enjoying it.
Where do you get menu inspiration from?
I’m all about hearty filling meals that are made from whole foods, so you won’t find any faux meat alternatives or vegan cheeses, i’m all about keeping it simple, hearty and filling. My inspiration comes from all over really, i beg, borrow, adapt, tweak and taste! I’ve built up a shelf of fantastic cook books over the past few years; Deliciously Ella, Aine Carlin, Bosh, Sarah Britton, Kathryn Bruton to name a few…not all 100% plant-based books but I like that because it allows me to adapt some classics too.
Plans for the future?

So many plans!  My mission is to make it easier for people to enjoy a plant-based diet. How I do that right now is by delivering ready made plant-based meals to homes and offices. In the immediate future i would like to do more cookery workshops, build a community that share recipes, encourage and support each other on their plant-based journeys. And looking slightly further out I want to start to forge the way in fast plant-based food.  Why does fast food have to equal junk food…i’d love to rival the likes of McDonalds and offer the masses good whole food fast!

I love this vision and I think for busy parents and busy people, a plant based drive through would be a huge hit.
Now, tomorrow is dubbed as blue Monday, which is absolute nonsense of course, but I would like to offer you a mojo injection for going into the week.  It also happens to be Norma’s birthday today so I am thrilled to be able to spread the word of her amazing business with this wonderful giveaway.

WIN a 3 day cleanse & restore plant-based meal plan.


Enjoy a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet that will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and energised.

The plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and teas for the whole 3 days so you won’t even have to dirty a saucepan.

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