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Scrambles at EICC Ratho reopens – Climbing the walls now that Christmas is over?

EICC RATHO - Family day out in Edinburgh

Today I was invited to check out  Scrambles soft play at EICA: Ratho, the first day open after a major refurbishment.  My festive bubble has been burst, I am a little sad to be honest.  It got worse last night, Hubs took the tree down whilst I was away writing book number 2.  I nearly cried.  Vlog to follow (perhaps you remember the one from last year and know what is coming).

Hubs has been back at work for a couple of days and I have been struggling a little. I even left my bank card in the machine at the disney store, that is not like me.  Shopping with kids can be tough though, in fact hellish sometimes and best avoided.  However sometimes we have no choice do we? I perfer to save my child free time to catch up on work or hit the gym, even if shopping alone is a luxury.  Over the holidays,  many of us struggle when there are emails to reply to and projects to bash on with.   Kids have a whole lot of amazing energy and allowing them to climb the walls at Scrambles was the perfect mojo injection for me today.  They had an absolute ball and I even managed to have a coffee and catch up on some emails.  Bingo!

Scrambles at Ratho, Edinburgh - fun with kids Scrambles at Ratho, Edinburgh - fun with kids Scrambles at Ratho, Edinburgh - fun with kids Scrambles at Ratho, Edinburgh - fun with kids

Bonnie insisted we wore matching trousers today, which I actually quite liked.  I am pleased to inform you that the coffee is much better now, phew.  You guys know this is important to me haha.  They also have a fab cake selection.  Bonnie was delighted with the New York cheesecake and at £1.90 I was impressed too.  The homemade scones get the thumbs up too as does the gluten free brownie.  They have plenty of healthy snacks and the soup looked great, right up my street.  I think everywhere should supply a nice homemade soup.

The softplay is kitted out with brand new frames for babies, toddlers and juniors, suitable for 0-10 years olds.  The whole area has a fresh, new look and layout with extended seating and a new café downstairs with a capacity of 130 persons.

Scrambles’ soft play is open from 9:00-17:00 hrs daily.  The soft play is located at:  Edinburgh’s International Climbing Arena, Ratho, South Platt Hill, Newbridge EH28 8AA – Telephone 0131 333 6333 /

For more information:


Softplay, 0-6 months                                        Free
Softplay 6-12 months (60 mins)                          £1.50
Softplay 6-12 months (90 mins)                          £2.00
Softplay 1 – 2 yeas (60 mns)                             £3.50
Softplay 1 – 2 years (90 mins)                            £5.00
Softplay 3 years+ (60 mins)                               £5.50
Softplay 3 years + (90 mins                               £7.00




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