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How to be happy and successful as a working Mum with Kylie Reid Founder of EGG

Kylie Reid and Jojo Fraser - lifestyle and wellness

Over the weekend I put out podcast episode 32, which features the super inspirational Kylie Reid, the founder of EGG, formally known as Edinburgh Gossip Girls.  You can tune in here. 

It’s hard to believe that we are already at episode 32.  It’s been a lot of hard work but I have loved each and every discussion I get to have on the podcast.  Sometimes I can’t believe how honest we are all willing to be but it’s the uncut nature of the podcast that is helping others.  Sometimes a gentle reminder that we all struggle at times, is the mojo injection we need.

So back to my amazing guest this week.  ​Four years ago, Kylie set up a Facebook group in Edinburgh where women could swap tips and recommendations for local businesses and restaurants. EGG is now a thriving online community of more than 14,000 woman, with a pretty huge waiting list, and it is changing lives and sometimes literally saving them too.  Edinburgh is often described as a village but team EGG takes it to a whole new level and news moves at a fast pace.  It was amazing to chat with Kylie about how she balances her work, parenting and social life.  She is clearly super passionate and excited about the incredible community she is creating and so she should be.

This group has had a huge impact on so many, from raising enough money for lifesaving treatments, to allowing small businesses. some who had been struggling, to thrive.  Word of mouth is crucial for any business and within EGG – word of mouth can change someones life within a few hours.  That is the kind of support network that Kylie has created.  This is a community of girls who really want to help each other out and acts of kindness lead the way.  You know I love a bit of kindness for the mojo – be that self-care and being kind to ourselves and giving back to help others.

I love how Kylie talks about the fact she doesn’t feel guilty for loving her job.  Why do we feel we have to say that?  Kylie said it recently on her own amazing podcast, EGG talks and quickly backtracked.  Why can’t we celebrate it if we enjoy our job?  I also love the advice she gives at the end of the episode about not sweating the small stuff.  It is so easy to do but what a waste of time when there are so many more important things to focus on.  One thing 2018 has reminded me of is that life is short.  We have lost some incredible people this year and we really owe it to all those who left us too soon to focus on the bigger picture.  We are all incredibly lucky to be here.  We have the opportunity to do amazing things.  It’s a wonderful, exciting thing.  

I’m really excited to see where the EGG group goes next year and I am looking forward to an exciting event, the first EGG charity fundraiser, that I shall be helping Kylie to organise.  One things for sure, there will be dancing and singing. It’s all for an incredible cause – a fantastic new Scottish charity called Make 2nds Count. 

Kylie shares my passion for talking openly about mental health.  I was recently on the EGG talks podcast with her and we clearly love an open and honest conversation.  We even discussed sex toys and our thoughts on Sainsburys looking to stock them in the new year.  We also cover sustainability, lifestyle and loads more.  You can tune in here.

Keep inspiring Kylie, you absolute Queen of a gal.  Hardboiled EGG all the way.  Let me know if you find a love for red wine over the festive period.  I am already looking forward to my first sip of this.  My tip, it’s a goodie.


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