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The stylist who edited my wardrobe like a boss and changed the way I shop for good

Jojo Fraser style winter 2018

Have you ever worked with a stylist?  I’ll be frank, I could get used to it.  I had the opportunity to work with Diane of Styling by Diane this year.  Diane graduated from London College of Style with a merit diploma in Personal Styling in June 2018 and prior to this, she was a stylist at Director level for 4 years for global accessories brand Stella and Dot.  She is also a great Make Up Artist, a girl of many talents.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  She explained that first off, we would do a colour match and also a wardrobe edit.  I was intrigued.  I have a pretty decent sized wardrobe but before Diane came it was chaos.

We started out with my colour analysis.  This whole experience was really interesting and the tests really did show how wearing the right shade can make you look healthier, feel more confident and give you a bit of a glow.  Some colours really drained my face and I also realised that a black pollo neck doesn’t suit me.  This was shock horror as I had 3 hanging in my wardrobe (which were given to charity later that day).

We also looked at the type of hair tones that suit my skin and colouring.

Jojo Fraser gets style tips from Diane Curtis Jojo Fraser gets style tips from Diane Curtis

Jojo Fraser style winter 2018


Diane let me see the difference between summer, winter, spring and autumn green and red colour drapes. We took the black test which confirmed I am not a winter colouring.  I wore black loads before this (ooooops).  Diane advised that this doesn’t mean I can’t wear black, I just have to make sure I either have skin showing, a colourful scarf or piece of jewellery closer to my face to help compliment and brighten my skin and to try not to wear black which finishes at my neckline.

We agreed that I have a warm skin tone as my veins appear green, I tan easily and my eyes are brown with a smooth appearance. This helped us to determine that colours from the spring season suit me best.  Thankfully those involve a lot of my favourite colours, but as for the classic black, navy is much better for me.

People do make the mistake of changing their colours due to the ageing process or illness, but my colours will never change, I will always be a spring tone.  However, as I do age, Diane said I may find the stronger colours are too vibrant, so I would need to opt for the more muted shades.

There is also a personality test and I felt that I could also relate to many of the spring characteristics:




  • Sociable but can be overly talkative
  • Friendly and a good conversationalist
  • Witty and good humoured
  • Optimistic but can take on too many projects
  • Enthusiastic and curious
  • Energetic but sometimes undecided

We then moved onto the wardrobe edit.  Let’s just say Diane is very patient and also very honest, which is exactly what I needed.  Part of the service is that she does a charity drop off for you with any clothes that you shouldn’t be wearing.  She also gave me loads of ideas in terms of styling some of my favourite outfits to give them a bit more swag.

Jojo Fraser gets style tips from Diane Curtis

Then came our shopping trip a week later.  I always feel a bit overwhelmed when I go shopping and let’s face it, happiness doesn’t sell well and marketing want us to make a purchase and quickly.  We are unique beings and don’t all fit the same style of clothes, Diane and I had already discussed my body shape and problem areas.  One of my issues is that if I love a dress and it has a zip, it often won’t go over my huge bust.  Diane had plenty of solutions.

Being well dressed means complementing your body shape, colouring and matching your personality and she had picked out loads of fun and flattering styles for me to try.  One thing which has really helped is her recommendation that I wear more v necks which are so much more flattering, especially being so top heavy.  Oh and more encouragement to dress down outfits with trainers.

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips

By considering my body shape, colour palette, personality and budget, Diane gave me loads of tips on how to go about selecting the correct clothes and accessories that flatter me, which in turn has given me a great confidence boost.

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips


Diane also helped me pick my book launch dress, which was featured in Grazia Mag a couple of weeks later as the perfect outfit for afternoon tea and guess what we had at my book launch at the amazing Borthwick Castle? Yup, afternoon tea.  What a girl.  She also sent me lots of advice about colours which relate to my job as a speaker and vlogger.  Blue is a great colour to wear for speaking gigs as it has a calming effect and is also a colour that people trust.  I have always loved blue so this was a bonus.  If this wasn’t enough, she also sent me loads of outfit ideas and links which I loved AND she gave me the confidence to wear my first ever jumpsuit.  It was all about finding a style that suited with a v neck of course.  I had so many compliments that I treated myself on my birthday to a short version (both from Whistles).  It’s like going out in my PJ’S, they are so comfy (toliet break hassle aside).

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips


Ok, it gets even better, yes she could actually be superwoman – she did my makeup for me on book launch day in the castle AND Bon’s (a wee bit of gloss and blush is needed for a castle performance).  Us girls were delighted.  What can I say, Diane is a super star.  Shopping is easier, I don’t just buy things on a whim that I am going to throw out.  I love v necks, I love trainers.  I wear fancy dresses more often and know how to dress them down.  I avoid colours and necklines that don’t suit me and add weight to my bust.  I have had more compliments about my outfits over the past couple of months than I have ever had.  A few people have stopped me on the street to admire my leopard print trousers and jumpsuits, items I would never have had the confidence to wear before I worked with a stylist.  I would 110% recommend.  Find out more here.  

Jojo Fraser wears Mint Velvet trousers

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh style tips

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