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Eco friendly tips for busy people – this week Greener Scotland give us a mojo injection

Jojo Fraser aka Mummy JOJO getting the mojo back

You may have heard me this week talking on the radio about my attempts to be more eco-friendly, it’s not only great for our planet, it is also tops for our mojo when we do our bit for the carbon footprint. I believe that our fast-paced lives can make it harder to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and I talk very openly about this.


Mummy jojo aka Jojo Fraser on Scottish radio


You can check out the Greener Scotland Campaign, which offers loads of practical tips in terms of how we can tackle climate change with a series of small, simple changes in our everyday routine.

Here are a few things we can all do right now that can make a big difference, even when we are busy as feckory:

Leave the light on baby!

I swear, that Hubs of mine keeps the lights on to annoy me.  I find myself going around the house and switching them all off once he has left for work.  I sang a few lines by Berlina Carlisle on the radio, although I am sure they have been edited for national news, I have not had the chance to tune into all the clips that have been playing since Monday and will run until Sunday.  Let me know if you catch any.

‘I can’t explain I just don’t know
Just how far I have to go
But darling I’ll keep the key
Just leave a light on for me’

I digress.

Turn down your thermostat

I love getting cosy over winter, currently we have no fire (I have been drooling over one that goes into the wall, total interior, hygge game changer). However, by turning the thermostat down by as little as 1 degree, it could save you up to £80 to £85 a year in a typical, gas-heated semi.  We just need to remember to do it!

Walk or cycle

I confess (yet again due to rushing) to driving the car up the hill on the school run, which would normally be a 5-minute walk.  It’s shocking I know! But some days I have 4 school runs to do, YES 4 TIMES and the car is so tempting.  I have to remind myself that the exercise is great and I am doing my bit for the planet.  I love walking and walking outside is GREAT for our mojo.   I had a lovely walk last week with Jamie McIlhatton, Lifestyle & Sustainability Photographer, and this is something very close to his heart.  Being outside is his mojo injection and he also happens to be way more researched than I am from an eco point of view.  He has even developed a specialty coffee roasted in Liverpool and packaged sustainably.  I can’t wait to try it, I love my daily mojo injection of coffee.  On that note……..


Jojo Fraser aka Mummy JOJO getting the mojo back

Love this shot by Jamie

Coffee cups!

My to do list consists of getting a personalised reusable coffee cup.  Can you guess what I want written on it?  I shall give you a clue, it rhymes with Jojo ;0

Wash at 30°C and Chill out on the housework

Ok, you know this one makes me smile.  Turn down your washing machine to 30°C and you’ll not only save energy and money, you’ll be kinder to your clothes too.  Also, do less housework, do you need to put the washing machine on every single day? NO!!! My Mother in Law will not be impressed with this point but come on, this is our planet.  If ever there is an excuse

Use up your food

By using up your food and planning mealtimes, you could save up to £470 each year and help fight Climate Change.  I hate wasting food; my Mum was brought up on rations so it has been drilled into me not to waste.  I got a cabbage this week which I cooked in the pressure cooker and I also chopped some of it up to make a coleslaw.  The key is thinking about lots of dishes to throw together with the same ingredient.  After a Sunday roast, my Mum would always make stovies the following Monday.

Go Plant Based

I may just get myself a few new vegan fans after this one but I have started going plant based a minimum of 3 days a week.  Not just for the planet but because the research shows it is really good for us and I LOVE my veggies.  Some of my tops dishes to date – a 3 bean and veggie chilli, vegetable lasagne (although it takes a while to prep so I won’t do this every week), a 5 veggie ragu pasta sauce, roasted pumpkin with pine nuts and feta oh and pumpkin pie.  It’s so good.  Let’s not forget about the pumpkin seeds either, I have a recipe blog coming your way.

Chill a bit

Easier said than done I know.  I have interviewed hundreds of people over the past few years and the ones that take 5 to 20 minutes to meditate and set positive intensions seem to be rocking it.  Less rushing, more mindfulness and as a result it is easier to be greener.  This is hard with issues such as screen addiction that I write of in my book BUT chilling out a bit is SO GOOD for our mojo.  I remind myself daily to try and stop taking life so seriously.  The planet though, its kind of a big deal and we should think about it more. #mojo


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