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Why we need to work harder on our mojo in 2018 – Jojo’s Mojo Injection

Jojo Fraser - Founder of the mojo injection

Mojo, Mojo and more Mojo. That word brings music to my ears and not just because it rhymes with my name.  When people started dubbing me as ‘the mojo giver’ a few family members were worried I had turned into a fully-fledged sex therapist.  I have never been one to shy away from any awkward conversations but this is way more than sex therapy.  I’m talking about that fire, that magic.  I’m talking about our energy – both how we feel internally and the energy levels we put out to others.  I wrote in the introduction of my book, that once I was properly looking after my mojo, loads of people started commenting.  Our mojo or lack of it shows in our eyes and part of that in my opinion is:

A – Taking ourselves too seriously


B – Having a closed mind that is prone to judging others


There are moments we are living and loving and experiencing life and there are moments we are simply going through the motions.  You matter.  Your mojo matters.  You get ONE shot here on this Earth and your time is precious.  2018 is almost done when it feels like it just started.  I believe we need to work harder on our mojo more than ever these days.  We all know the stats are shocking, but every day I find more messages in my inbox that reinforce this urgency.

So why in 2018 do we need to work harder on our mojo?


Expressions of criticism and pessimism are harder to escape because we are switched on fully and it’s harder to get away from the thoughts and opinions of others.  Working on our mojo allows us to bash on, even with all the negative chatter that may hold us back from doing what we want.  We all have to deal with the negative internal chatter in our minds, let alone having it reinfocred across social media.  I am one of the many voices online working hard to get people to remove the egoic mask that is detrimental to our mental health.  Be real.  Don’t be a robot.


I’m not keen on robots.  I like warmth.  I’m drawn to a person’s energy.  I’m drawn to real people who share their problems and fears, who share food and great music.  I’m not drawn to perfection, i’m drawn to life and stories, to tears and laughter.  Being a robot who holds back their truth, which we are so often encouraged to do, isn’t good for our mental health.  It’s damaging.  Give people you.  All of you.

The Bull

I talk very openly about this in my book, especially in chapter 5 and on my podcast.  We are still surrounded by absolute bull. Bull about having the perfect body after kids, bull about having no time to be mindful, bull that meditation is self-indulgent and a bit weird.  Bull that we exercise solely to burn calories.  Bull that talking about our feelings is self-indulgent.  Bull that we need to ‘play the game’ because we are so important.  Bull that we need to compare ourselves to everyone else on social media.  Bull that we need to act professionally.

You can be extremely successful at work and still be real.

You can show emotion and still be strong.

You can go on social media and not compare your life to others.

You can be happy without the perfect 6 pack abs, house, car, children.

You can make time in the day for yourself, no matter how busy you are.

You can enjoy exercise without a calorie burning tracker.

You can enjoy a run without your Garmin watch.

You can be flawed and still be beautiful.

You can show people who you really are.

Bull can BACK OFF.  Bull silently pulls people away from their mojo.

Thanks for reading.  For more of my chat about our mojo see my book on amazon or Waterstones (shortly available on audible by request) or tune into my free podcast here or subscribe on the podcast app which is nothing but 100% real.  Being real helps us to get our mojo back, burning bright.

Jojo Fraser - Founder of the mojo injection

Images by Jamie Mcllhatton – Lifestyle & Sustainability Photographer


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