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Brunsfield Brunch and Boozy Style and Blow Dry – my kind of Mojo Injection

Hair by JFK Edinburgh

I love going for brunch and I love going for a blow dry.  Whilst we are on the B theme, I also love Brunsfield.  It’s our old neck of the woods and a lovely part of Edinburgh.  Recently I was invited to check out Hair by JFK and enjoy a little pampering.  I didn’t really have the time, but I like to practise what I preach – we all need a bit of self-care.

Hair by JFK is a proper funky salon and also opposite the hidden gem of brunch spots that is The Treehouse Cafe, which has recently had a revamp.  What can I say? Fantastic service, fabulous coffee and the pancake stack.  Come to Mama!  I have put some more brunch tips here, including other top places in Brunsfield such as Honeycomb & Co and Montpeliers.

Edinburgh bloggers - wellness and pampering

Honeycomb & Co - Edinburgh

Honeycomb & Co - Edinburgh

Hair by JFK has a really funky, party feel to the salon and what I loved was hearing the words:

‘Would you like some wine? we always have wine’. 

As a matter of fact, I did feel like a glass of wine as I was getting ready to head out for the night to the Opulence launch party. It would be rude not to.  I love the idea of going back for a blow dry and wine with friends.  Who doesn’t love a pamper and a laugh, in a nice, relaxed atmosphere? A good hair day is always a good day, it’s amazing what it can do for our confidence and of course dance moves.


Edinburgh bloggers - wellness and pampering

I had a really lovely afternoon and was feeling fab for my night out.  I love getting some volume put into my hair and of course a massage when I am getting it washed is such a treat.  Hubs, who shaves his head, still doesn’t really understand the blow dry thing.  I mean, why bother when you can do it at home?  I on the other hand believe a good blow dry and style to be a necessity before a night out.  It’s part of the process and a favourite form of self-care.

Thanks to the team at Hair by JFK.  If you are struggling with gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas my tip is to get someone a voucher here for a style, blow dry (and wine ha).  If anyone is looking for ideas for me then this one won’t go wrong.

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