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Mojo at 36? How I kept my mojo rocking for another year

Scottish mental health author, podcaster and blogger

Wow, just like that another year is complete.  I loved being 35 and I am sure that is down to all the lessons I shared with you all with my Mojo at 35 post last year.

I have been contemplating how my musings about another year can compare or even top that post.  Which brings me to some lessons and reminders that have come up this year,  in the always-on social media age.  I cannot stress enough that we are all mentally vulnerable so a – never get cocky and b – try not to be an asshole.  Spread Love like Paddington Bear.  

Mojo at 36

Scottish mental health author, podcaster and blogger

Know yourself.

This year was HANDS DOWN one the busiest year of my life.  I launched a podcast, a book, took on several exciting speaking gigs, raised two small humans, worked with some fantastic brands, met some incredible people and had a lot of fun along the way.  That may sounds quite glamorous but there were moments I was exhausted.  Moments I though ‘is it worth all this effort??!’.  Moments I thought that Hubs would fall out of love with me because for one he was getting way less attention.  He pinched my bum in the kitchen last night, I think we are all good for now.  I won’t call my friend Debbie the divorce lawyer yet (how awesome was her podcast????).  I digress.

So yes, it has been a busy year and I have met some true legends.  Legends who want to help change the world.  I write about a few of these inspirational people in my book, because they really got me thinking and part of that was to STOP.  Yes, to actually stop (even when life is hectic) and take time to really think about our values.  Let me ask – have you taken time to really get to know yourself?  To know you are in the right job or relationship?  To know you are living your life in a way that makes you happy.  Time to reflect on issues that may be holding you back from your mojo.  I share openly in the book about my battle with anxiety.  Like so many, I have a need to feel safe and secure and sometimes that holds me back. One thing I accept now is that yes, I struggle with anxiety but no it won’t hold me back.  I will still get the job done, even with the nerves and butterflies.  Funnily enough, a lot of the best speakers I have ever met suffer from anxiety.  They just work hard to nurture it and become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

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Don’t compromise

It’s as simple as that.  Once you really know yourself and your values, it will be so much easier to avoid compromising.  Be brave and be real.  Be aware of your own value and if someone treats you with disrespect in a personal or business environment, call them out.  Life is too short to be a doormat.  I have a huge passion for people but I have learnt to stand up for what I believe in and speak back if someone is out of line.


This year there was a tremendous amount of work that went on behind the scenes.  We live is a VERY fast paced world.  I believe we worry too much about being busy.  Being busy is often a choice.  The key is learning to use our precious time on things that light up our eyes and release the mojo.  BUT and of course there is a one – BUT Sometimes to get there we need to put a lot of work in which means missing out on certain things.  If you have read chapter 3, you will be aware I love a dinner party.  Love love love it.  Throwing a dinner party, hosting, having a laugh with friends.  2018 we have had a lot less of them because I needed the hours to launch my book and podcast.  I needed the hours to work over the weekend, as Hubs took the kids to his favourite place.  Coscto!! True story.  Perhaps if he were into more exciting things, the book and podcast would never have launched so thank you Hubs.  He did recently come home with a slightly reduced Bolly so mustn’t grumble.  Cheers.

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Keep up the gushy mindfulness

Whilst I refuse to apologise for being busy, my own version of mindfulness for busy people is a total treat.  I love it.  I have had some incredible quality moments involving being totally present with the kids.  Those include cooking, dancing, singing, watching them improve with their swimming thanks to Jaclyn at Lloydy), watching Bonnie learn to read new words.  A new thing is our snuggly, cosy meditation sessions in bed at night.  I stick a nice candle on or dim the lights and we then snuggle up and listen to a guided meditation clip.  Often, both kids are snuggling into me snoring away and I love it.  It’s a little piece of heaven in a shot.  Granted, sometimes it is a total disaster too and I get headbutted or they start playing up and nipping each other and busting my zen.

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I also love a bit of a cosy bath session with them and these days we are obsessed with bath bombs.  We all have places and moments that make us happy.  Enjoy them when you can and don’t beat yourself up for being busy either because ……..

Busy is a choice

I was honoured to be invited to Fire Up Scotland last week and watch the legend that is Gavin Oattes achieve his dream of filling out the SEE Hydro for a day of inspiration.  Gav secured some phenomonal speakers, bands, dj’s and it was a fantastic day that shall stick with me for a long time.  One of the speakers was Christian Macleod pro golfer turned fashion designer.  He shared a story:

My Father once told me; he said, “Christian there are 24 hours in a day. Everyone gets this, everyone gets the same amount; nothing more, nothing less.

Now Son, to get the best out of your day you need to sleep for 8 hours. To live a successful life where you have enough income coming in to live, pay for your accommodation, lifestyle and wellbeing you need to work for 8 hours a day. 8 plus 8 = 16 hours. You now have 8 hours left, what are you going to do with your spare 8 hours? The choice is yours!”

Be inspired and never intimidated

I have met so many incredible people this year and had the pleasure to interview them on my podcast.  I loved these relaxed chats with a bit of kareoke at the end.  I love being able to share these inspirational discussions with so many after it and I love getting messages that the content is giving out mojo injections.  I love listening to people, giving them the chance to share and give their tips.  You are only interesting if you are interested.  Enjoy people.  We are all amazing.  Embrace people and their talents and celebrate with them.  Don’t feel threatned because there really is no competition.  There is only one you and we all have crazy potential.  Humans blow my mind.  Esepcially the ones’s that are not assholes because love is everything and it never ever fails.

scottish mental health author

I’ll end this post with the most important reminder of all, which came via my wise brother David (above).  He asked me, if I had the power to change any of the stories in my book, which would I change.  He challenged me.  You see, our stories make us who we are and sometimes those stories are tricky because…..

Life isn’t always fair

But if it were so, would you feel challenged to evolve and grow? If life was always easy, would it be worth the effort of fighting?  It can be so easy to take things for granted.  Stop.  Give yourself a massive pat on the back for pushing.  For fighting for what you believe in.  For not giving up.  For learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  These are the times we learn the most about ourselves.  These are the times we truly grow.  These are the times that remind us what real, true love is.

What have your experiences taught you so far?  What can you give back to help change the world in your own way?  Do it and watch that mojo come to life again.

Mojo at 36



Time for a Mojo Injection



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