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My date with Debbie the divorce lawyer as we approach our 7 year wedding anniversary

Debbie Reekie BTO Family Law, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tomorrow Hubs and I celebrate our 7-year wedding anniversary.  There will be my usual annual post coming soon, with all my key learnings from the year.  Caring is sharing and boy do marriage and relationships teach us SO much.   My parents gave me some incredible advice recently which has been of a huge source of encouragment and inspiration, they have been together for over 50 years which blows my little mind.

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Last month I met Debbie Reekie from BTO Familiy Solicitors.  She is one of Edinburgh’s top divorce lawyers and we instantly hit it off.  Debbie has a really important job, because from all of my studies about mental health, one thing is for sure – unhealthy relationships are toxic for our mind.  When it comes to nurturing our well-being, relationships are the number 1 contributor towards stress and of course other issues which may build. This means two things:

1 – We need to work hard at relationships.

2 – We need to be honest with ourselves when we have tried everything and it’s time to move on.

Small print – every relationship is SO different and unique.


I invited Debbie to come on the podcast.  To be honest, with the amount of free legal advice she gives, I should probably charge for it  🙂 but no it’s all free.  Have a gift on Debbie and I because there is no sugar coating this.  We talk through many serious issues and Debbie gives fantastic advice.  I would like to add to this, if you are in the camp that believe lawyers are stuffy then think again.  This gal can rap and she can sing and she does freely at the end.  Because sometimes we need a bit of music to lift us up after we take ourselves to very serious and important places.  We cover a lot of tricky subjects this week and I fire a lot of challenging questions at Debbie.  Some which are probably more suited to a counselor but she took it in her stride.

It’s rather fitting that we end the podcast with one of Debbie’s favourite songs by Rihanna (we also do a bit of Bon Jovi because we needed to unwind after a very heated discussion).


‘Took an oath that I’m a stick it out ’til the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella’


Not all of us can stick to an oath.  Every relationship is so unique and I don’t believe a perfect one exists on this earth.  What I do know is that if we focus on self-love and being kind to ourselves, we are more likely to be kinder to others.  Common sense but I always need a daily reminder because hey, Rag n Bone man has a point.

I’m only human 
I do what I can


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Debbie Reekie BTO Family Law, Edinburgh, Scotland


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