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Are you ‘CHEAP’ if you get a tattoo? – Mental Health UNCUT

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I talk very openly about my thoughts on the bull side of life throughout my book and it is resonating with people which is fantastic.  We need to judge people for the important things like their energy, their kindness and intellect.  Their amazing listening skills, their sense of humour and banter.  NOT the colour of their socks, how they look or whether they have a tattoo or not.  I go into so much more details in chapter 5 in my book you can order here.  

This week, I heard a statement that didn’t sit right with me.  It implied that people who get tattoos look ‘cheap’ and ‘low class’.  WOW.  What does low class even mean?  It is a nasty expression and I don’t like it.  To me, this is a shallow, ignorant and unnecessary statement.  I am not saying the person who said this is wrong to not like the look of a tattoo.  What I am saying is their public words are wrong because a large % of the population have them.  It is a blanket statement that is just wrong on so many levels.  It’s rather ironic as I have a butterfly on my shoulder to remind me to rise above statements like this from humans I dub as ‘wasps’.  The thing is, we have all been wasps and we can all be them.  A butterfly bashes on without nasty comments, even if they are not a fan of something such as a tattoo or people who wear funky bright socks (this is an example I use in the book because I love a funky sock).  A wasp will sting with harsh words they should keep to themselves.  Let me ask you, do you think before you speak?  I feel I need to make some noise about this.

I woke to a wonderful review of my book and it is something that will stick with me for life.

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The truth be told, I never had a strong desire to get a tattoo when I was younger.  But as I grew up and learned some pretty big life lessons, it was a no brainer that I would get some tattoos.  Am I ‘cheap’ for doing something deep and creative that means something to me?  No chance.  In fact, some of the coolest, most sophisticated people I know have tattoos and of course many don’t too.  That is not the point of these words.

I got a tattoo knowing fine well that a lot of my friends and family don’t like them.  I got a tattoo knowing that my husband doesn’t really like them.  Because I know, that at the end of the day, if he fell out of love with me over something to do with my physical appearance, then he would not be the man I thought he was.  Just like I would never divorce him over the fact he doesn’t have tattoos, which I find pretty damn sexy on people.

I made a joke on a vlog this week that I am going to be a Rockstar Granny, it’s all good.  My Granny is a Pirate is a firm favourite in this house.  But I put my energy into it because I am sick of the expression:

But what about when you are older?!

Who cares?  If I get to live until I am covered in wrinkles then I shall thank my lucky stars.

We are allowed to have our opinions.  We won’t all like the same thing and that is great.  But just think about your words and the impact they may have on a person’s mental health.  I’ll end with a quote from Chapter 2 of my raw and UNCUT words:

“You could be the most beautiful, intelligent person on the planet, but none of it matters if you make people feel sad and you feel sad about yourself.  Be a butterfly, not a wasp that stings and nips in people’s heads”. #WORD


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Noemi Sorrentino and Sandie Tweedie.






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