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My new Scottish Mental Health book launches tomorrow – all about the times I screwed it right up

Mental health blogger and author

The book launch is tomorrow and it feels a little bit like the night before my wedding. All the messages are coming in thick and fast and I am feeling super thankful and excited.  I believe the brutally honest nature of this book will help people get their mojo back.  This is a story about the times I have screwed up.   It also includes advice from others who have been brave enough to share with me their deepest secrets anonymously or publicly.  It is a book that holds nothing back and to know that thousands of people are going to be reading it is a little bit cray crazy but SO exciting too.

mental health author and speaker

Borthwick Castle is a spectacular venue and I have been blown away by the team.  Set over all three levels of the breath-taking Castle, I am so excited to celebrate. I will try and get as much video footage, photos and even capture a podcast out of it.  I am planning to raise the roof with all those who come tomorrow and am so excited.  I have goose pimples thinking about it.

Borthwick Castle - mental health book launches


I am also thrilled to have the super talented Sophie Cotton along, with some STUNNING Mojo candles we have been working on together.  It was amazing to contribute towards the scent and design idea, which if you have seen my latest tattoo, and book cover, you won’t be surprised to hear is a butterfly.  The most stunning candles I have seen AND £5 goes to Mind with each purchase #mojo all the way.  Sophie and I have wanted to collab for some time now and this was the perfect moment for us to get started.  I am a huge fan of her work and we both share a huge passion for mental health stigma smashing.  To quote Sophie:

‘With the very welcome spotlight recently on mental health and well-being, and seeing first-hand how many young people our age are affected by mental health in varying degrees, we decided to do something to help. We have created a scented candle in collaboration with the UK mental charity MIND to raise funds to support the tremendous work this charity carries out.

We have seen too many times situations where people sadly felt they could no longer cope with the pressures of life.  Watching the utter sadness and despair of friends and family in losing such a huge part of their lives, we wanted to try and help MIND reach even more people and continue the amazing work they do.

The candle’s fragrance is a calming and uplifting mix of Lavender, Basil and Vetiver and the symbolic impact of a light burning, we hope, will inspire people to be more aware of those that may need a little help in fighting back whatever darkness they are facing.”


Mummy Jojo Mojo and Sophie Cotton

Mummy Jojo Mojo and Sophie Cotton

I am so excited to show off these candles with Sophie for the first time tomorrow.

I want to give a massive shout out to Johanne and Michelle at the Castle who are simply amazing and of course the full team and chefs who are going to be coming up with some epic mojo cocktails and afternoon tea delights.  I also want to thank everyone who has sent me a message, ordered a book, shared some content about it and just been a general all-round legend.  This is just the beginning of a very exciting mojo mission.


#mojoinjection X

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