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Scottish author and blogger - lifestyle and mental health

My book is now available for pre order on amazon right here and Waterstones right here A million thanks if you have pre ordered it so far – it really helps.  I cannot believe that the book has already made some of the top ten bestseller charts across various catergories on amazon.  I am so thankful for the support I have already had.  Each time I check my phone there is a new update that an amazing person has shared it.  I am blown away.

I have always loved to write, yet the initial incentive to work hard and produce an actual full book was driven by fear.  Fear that so many feel unable to talk openly about mental health.  Fear that people focus on words such as ‘normal’ and ‘perfect’ way too much.  I was tired of those words.  Many of you will remember a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago called ‘Shut it perfect Mum’.  I had some messages after that asking ‘who is this perfect Mum, she sounds like a bitch?’.  My response – ‘She is not real, she is a voice in my head.  In fact, a voice in the head of every parent I have met‘.

I watch friends move over to the parenting stage and hear all those same familiar lines of guilt.  Guilt because they find parenting hard.  Guilt because they lost their temper.  Guilt because it is fish fingers for dinner or pesto from the jar (some days pesto from a jar is my idea of perfection).  Guilt they didn’t throw a huge party for their kid, guilt that they love their job.  I shall stop now before I give people more stupid reasons to feel guilty.  Perfect Mum is just one of many voices I write about.

Scottish author - lifestyle and mental health

Fundamentally, this is a book about our lifestyle.  A book that holds nothing back.  I believe that lifestyle and wellness work hand in hand, they are like tea and toast.  I want to share some of the mistakes I have made in the past.  I am baring my soul and I mean LAYING IT BARE to help others.  All ego is pushed aside in this book.

Talented humans (not robots) have been sharing information about my book on their stories.  I am being dubbed as ‘the queen of positivity’, ‘The Mojo giver’, ‘The Jojo injection’.  It’s totally bonkers but if I am honest these are the kind of compliments I live for.  I would hands down take compliments about passion and energy any day of the week, over ‘Perfect body’, ‘Perfect Mum’, ‘Perfect author’.  Do you know why?  Perfect is boring.  Perfect is fake.  Perfect is lifeless.

I think energy is one of the sexiest things on the planet.  I will never forget a moment when I was living in Australia in 2007.  My friend Jen and I were sitting on the beach in Byron Bay and the sun was blazing down.  We were chilling out with a glass of fizz, to the sound of the waves.  Suddenly we heard a lady getting really excited next to us.  She was telling her friends that she met the most ‘gorgeous, amazing girl last night’.  What stuck with me though was the way she described her.  It wasn’t about what she wore, it wasn’t about how she looked.  It was all about her energy.  She continued to talk in delight, her face fully lit up, her eyes beaming:

‘She had so much energy’.

What type of energy do you give off and why?  How is the mojo?

I am going to talk very openly about things that pull us away from our mojo.   I believe, with a little support and effort, we can learn to turn down the inner critic and judgemental thoughts about others that pull us away from our best self.  The kind of person you want people to talk about behind your back.  I am so excited to share the book with the world.  Now is the time for the mojo injection.



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