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Anxiety vs Confidence – Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

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A lot of people are shocked when I tell them I have battled with anxiety. It seems strange because I am told I come across as so confident. It got me thinking: why do we label people as confident?

I don’t believe I am confident. I believe that a lot of the time I’m actually a bit terrified or totally winging it. We don’t need confidence to do things that scare yet excite us.  Sometimes we need anxiety.  We all have a bit of anxiety in us. It keeps us alive. Sometimes when we do things that make us shake a little or get the heart beating fast, it proves that anxiety does not have to define us.  We can get the job done even when we are bricking it.

For me it’s knowing my triggers. A few of them are below –

Too much coffee.

Too much alcohol.

Not enough sleep (which funnily enough is linked with alcohol and coffee).

Not enough exercise (for some it could be too much).

Not enough mindfulness (click here for my hints and tips for busy people).

Not enough self care.

When I judge more and live less (judging less and living more keeps me in my mojo).

Listening to my inner critic way too much.

Always follow your gut and tell that bitch anxiety to back off.  You got this.



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