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Win tickets via Mummy Jojo to Sweat It Festival – Scotland’s first ever boutique health & fitness festival

Sweat it Festival - fitness UK
Sweat it is coming soon on the 20th of May in Glasgow.   The full line-up, with over 50 classes, workshops and sessions, has been announced for Scotland’s first ever boutique health and fitness festival.
Many of you will know about my passion for fitness and why it is so important for our mental and physical health.  I am delighted to be offering two free tickets to this exciting day out, helping you get that mojo back.  Simply share this post and tag a friend who loves fitness and I shall announce a winner this weekend.
I caught up with Emma Lynch, the talented lady behind the Sweat it Festival, which is connecting the health and fitness communities of Glasgow and Scotland and supporting the amazing independent activity providers and products that are available within the industry.
Win tickets via Mummy Jojo to Sweat It Festival! Scotland's first ever boutique health & fitness festival
What was the inspiration behind setting up the event?
I’ve worked in the Event Industry for about 20 years now. Since I was 19 – ouch! The inspiration for this event came from similar events in London. This kind of event is massive down there and there are so many to choose from. As an Event Organiser it’s good to do somethings that’s not happening in your area, it’s also good to have an event that’s not associated with alcohol and fast food but is still a good day out. Don’t get me wrong though – there is a place for all of those things too! I’m interested in health and looking after myself – I really enjoy cooking healthily and getting out in the fresh air especially with my kids.
As a small business I really wanted to connect the health and fitness communities of Glasgow and Scotland and support the amazing independent activity providers and products that are available in the industry.
Why do you think exercise is important?
I think it really does give you a boost emotionally and just lifts your mood…’s as simple as that! 
What does the term ‘body positive’ mean to you?  
For me it’s about being happy in your own skin and I know I used to suffer when was younger about being too critical of my body and what I looked like and it is so disruptive to your personal well-being. After I had my daughter over 11 year ago everything changed and I just felt comfortable and didn’t judge myself against anyone else anymore. With having a daughter, we are very open in our house about being healthy and body confident and enjoying who we are and that we are all different and that’s to be celebrated. 
What advice would you give to people who say they are too busy to exercise?
I think there is something for everyone – Glasgow has a wealth of great places to go whether its classes, gyms, activities or walks in the park. You can walk to work, fit in a class at lunchtime or do a mixture.
Any other plans for more events?
I hope so, I am self-funding this event myself so I hope if we get the interest and attendances this year this can become an annual event.
I understand how much work these events take.  What advice would you give to someone who wants to put on an amazing event like this?
I’m not going to lie this has been hard, I’m an event organiser and managed large scale events throughout my career but I’m not a marketer and don’t have a big budget. I’m having sleepless nights at the moment about ticket sales but hopefully it’s all going to happen last minute! It takes hard work, it’s a risk as it’s a new concept for up here but I’m sure it has a place. I just need the support of the industry. What does it take – nerves of steel, courage and a bit of a wing and prayer and hope people out there buy into the concept.
Who are the main sponsors for the event?
We don’t have any sponsors this year that will be the aim for next year. But we are partnering up with all our collaborators and Le Joli Sparking Water and PHD Supplements.
Thanks Emma – wishing you loads of luck for the 20th – it sounds right up my street!

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