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To wax or shave? Why The Wax Bar are nailing it and are up for more awards

The Wax Bar - UK

I have been in camp shave since I went for my first wax when I was 18.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  But I have always liked the idea of walking out freshly waxed and feeling silky smooth everywhere, knowing it is going to last for a good few weeks.  I mean who has time to shave these days?  I used to shave in the bath but 9/10 times the kids jump in with me and that ain’t relaxing.  Also, who wants a razor lying around with young kids?

Recently I have got into waxing and it’s all thanks to The Wax Bar, which is an award winning Waxing & Beauty Boutique specialising in Lycon precision Hot and strip waxing treatments.  The team have salons situated across the UK in Edinburgh, St Andrews (Fife) and Newcastle and are expanding rapidly due to huge demand.  I was excited to see what all the fuss was about and of course, waxing is a fantastic content opportunity.   Although, Nicole Peterson, Founder of the group, warned me the first time I visited that I couldn’t film the bikini line part.  How wild does she think I am? A girl has her limits (or was I tempted)?  I do like my vlogs to be entertaining and very real.  I also thought it might be funny to recreate the scene in Sex and the City with Miranda and her bush.  I go swimming a lot and it can’t happen!

The Wax Bar - UK

The team use different waxes for different body treatments to make sure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. They specialise in waxing and removing stubborn and ingrown hairs for gals and guys.

Nicole has been shortlisted for the 2018 entrepreneur of the year in the British hair and beauty awards.  I must admit, I have been impressed with the amount of positive feedback coming my way since I put video content out about the wax bar a couple of months back.  These girls are trained to high levels and the waxing is super quick (phew)!  Silky smooth in a flash is what we are after.

The Wax Bar, UK

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I caught up with the lovely Nicole to see if she would tell me her secret to running award winning salons.

Hi Nicole.  I am slightly in awe of you doing the Mum thing and running all these salons.  The feedback I have had has been phenominal so thanks.  I would hate for someone to go through what I did when I was 18.  So give me the down low – have you always felt like an entrepreneur?

Although I always knew I wanted my own salon, I never thought I would have a whole chain. It can be overwhelming at time but I think it’s extremely important to keep my feet on the ground, my head down and focus on building the brand.

What was your vision for the wax bar group?

I remember the day when I thought of the concept, I told a few people and they thought it was crazy. There was nothing of the sort at that time and a beauty salon was a beauty salon. Salons at that time never specialised in any treatments and so opening a salon purely dedicated to waxing was a strange thought to many people.

As a therapist myself, I was trained in everything from facials, manicures to hot stone massage and even IPL hair removal yet my client base was primarily waxing clients. I loved it, my clients loved it and I just thought, hold on a minute here.

The next day I resigned from my job, secured a room within Toni & Guy on George street, bought a bed and a wax pot and the rest is history.

The Wax Bar - UK

You train staff in a specific way and the waxing is so quick (which I love).  It’s over in a flash.  What makes the wax bar group stand out from the crowd?

I have been waxing for 15 years. Over that time, I have learned so much about the industry, the products and techniques. I keep a very open mind and I have tailored my waxing training accordingly. Therapists need to be at a certain level when joining our team, we then train them “The Wax Bar way”.   I have a great relationship with my staff and encourage feedback from them. We use Lycon wax which I have used since 2006. Like I say, I am open minded and companies send me samples of their products constantly however nothing seems to come close. I am proud to be one of Lycons biggest accounts in Scotland.

Biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?

I face challenges everyday however it’s the challenges that make you who you are. They teach you how to deal with situations, in the correct way. The biggest challenge for me was delegating to my managers, allowing them to take the lead sometimes (I’m a bit of a control freak) It’s so refreshing to watch people shine in their jobs!

I also have a 4-year-old, so juggling work and mama life took a while to get used to but I have a great balance now.

Tips for someone who wants to start their own business?

Make sure you know your industry inside out and upside down.

Have a good business plan- on paper, not just in your head. The amount of times I’ve had to refer to mine over the past 9 years is unreal.

Enjoy it, take it seriously of course but don’t lose yourself.

How do you unwind and cope with stress?

Spending time with my friends and family. Partial to a weekend break away with my partner, John who is also my rock.

Plans for the future?

Lots of plans. I am always on the lookout for potential wax bar locations and hopefully this time next year will see the launch of the 6th location. But where will it be?? In the meantime, I will solely be focusing on fine tuning the business to give it the strongest backbone to be able to grow and grow and grow.

What a legend, thanks Nicole.  I’m coming back in soon.  Oh and another tip, they do amazing nails too and the colour choices are shamazing.

The Wax Bar - UK


 The Wax Bar - UK


The Wax Bar - UK


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