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The luxury (and sexy) Meander jacket everyone is raving about – £20 discount via Mummy Jojo

Meander, Scottish fashion, luxury clothing
The luxury (and I have to say pretty sexy) Meander jacket has launched and everyone is talking about it.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on one last week to see what all the fuss is about.  For one, I had high expectations as my friend Jill, the talented and passionate Co-founder, has an impressive background in fashion design and buying.  It has been great to follow her journey as an entrepreneur and sit round the table with her brainstorming ideas.  I have even got to see her pitching to potential investors and the passion certainly comes across.  This is a brand with a story and all the best brands have them.

 I took my jacket on a little trip up North to see Kenmore over the weekend and boy did we have fun.  The jackets, which come in 3 colours, were designed for commuter cyclists to work both on and off the bike.  They are equally handy for anyone who loves the outdoors.
Meander luxury jacket
The jackets are 100% waterproof, lightweight, highly breathable and windproof. For the ultimate convenience, they have been designed to fold into the back pocket to form an effective backpack, messenger or saddle bag.
Meander luxury jacket
The product certainly feels luxurious on the skin.  The jackets were crafted for all weather conditions from a sustainably made fabric by an Italian high performance mill.  Both Co-founders, Jill and Steve, have a passion for adventure outside and timeless clothing from sustainable fabrics that will stand the test of time.
Meander have launched on Indiegogo and I am delighted to offer a discount with an additional £20 off. Click here to find out more.  This will be valid until the end of April so grab it now and send us a selfie.
Scottish fashion, Mummy Jojo Scottish fashion, Mummy Jojo
What makes Meander a bit special?  For me it ticks all the practical boxes –
It’s high performance, completely waterproof, windproof, breathable, packable and lightweight.
It’s totes stylish and quirky!  I felt pretty sexy in it, I won’t lie.  Bonnie said I looked well cool and that girl has swag (although she needs to work on her lipstick skills).
Scottish fashion, Mummy Jojo

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