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The Greatest Showman – Gandeys Circus review UK Tour

Gandeys Circus UK - the greatest showman

Last weekend, we went to check out Gandeys Circus,  THE GREATEST SHOWMEN which is touring the UK with an all new action-packed production for all the family.  Anything with The Greatest Showmen gets me emotional.  I love a story with a feel good factor that gives us viewers a much-needed sense of escape.  I love anything with a powerful message that we can go out and create a life we love.   The story is a tribute to all who hold fast and work hard to make their dreams a reality.  High freaking five to that.  

I was pretty excited when we got the invite as I have never been to the circus and the kids have always loved reading and hearing about it.  I wasn’t sure if Charlie would be able to sit still the whole way through, but was prepared to take the risk.

The greatest showman - gandeys circus UK

The kids were super excited and so was I as soon as it started.  For one there were loads of super fit men with their tops off, strutting their stuff (even Hubs commented that they were hot).  The crew were on a mission to raise the bar from previous years and smash expectations to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the creation of circus.

The greatest showman - gandeys circus UK

We were quite literally on the edge of our seats for most of the show.  The crew includes three of the world’s greatest aerial acts, including the sensational award-winning high-wire walkers – THE GERLINGS. They risk life with a huge smile on their faces without any safety wires or nets.


The greatest showman - gandeys circus UK The greatest showman - gandeys circus UK

Circus life is known for its inclusive nature, embracing the extraordinary and championing the most wonderful acts imaginable. It was a fab way to spend a Saturday afternoon and the music was great too.  I was dancing a lot, the bass was in full flow.  Charlie managed to sit the entire way through it which was fab.  It’s always a gamble with that wee rascal.  I wasn’t sure if all the jumping would be too tempting for him.  He has been going a bit nuts since though thinking he is Tarzan.

I got some pretty decent cuddles at the scary bits, I clearly milked them because he is 3 and seriously cute.  The show lasts a couple of hours which includes a 15 minute interval break to stock up on Popcorn or whatever floats your boat.

Both kids were talking about it non stop on the drive home with words such as ‘amazing, exciting, crazy and fun’.  Truth be told, one of my favourite parts was watching their little faces light up.  I’m sure it will be something they remember for a long time and it certainly adds a new spin to the circus stories we read at home.  The singing mermaid is always a good one, Sam Sly is such a dodger but it all works out ok in the end.  The best stories do.  A tradegy is so overrated.

Thanks so much to the team for gifting us these tickets.  Huge thumbs up x


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  1. Stacey
    August 16, 2018 / 12:49 pm

    Excited for the show !!!

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