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Money, passion, time and value – please read with an open mind

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Money and motivation

I was asked recently if I ever pay for anything.  I get that a lot of people still don’t understand this career that is known to many as blogging.  Blogging is where the whole concept of Mummy Jojo, my lifestyle and wellness brand came about. It is where I started.  Blogging for many is a starting point which can turn into a whole host of other stuff.  For me it was video content, some call it vlogging.  It was also speaking and hosting gigs and freelance work for other clients.  It was filming work and of course my book and podcast #comingsoon.


The question was not meant in a bad way.  It wasn’t implying that I am a ‘blagging blogger’.   The question was about value and it got me thinking.  It was a brilliant question.  Those who know me well will be aware that I love a deep conversation.

Do the products and services that I don’t pay physical money for have the same value?

I took some time to reflect on this.  Money has never been my number one motivation but it is true that I enjoy nice experiences.  I love eating out, travelling, going for a massage or facial, choosing quality items that I love.  I adore nice surroundings, I appreciate great interior design and a comfortable sofa. I love quirky and quality materials that have been made with love.  I call those an investment because they last for decades.  I love working with talented people, call it the finest in the industry.

What makes the very best?  What makes the finest in the industry?  Stay with me and we will get there further down.


I never see any of the things I don’t pay physical money for that come via Mummy Jojo as free. It has taken me a few years of extremely hard work to get to the point that I am getting lots of interest from brands and entrepreneurs and people who want to work with me in collaboration.  This hard work was driven by passion and the knowledge that I have found my purpose.  As corny as that sounds I don’t care because something just clicked.    

Yes – some brands are happy to pay me AND give me free stuff.  If I were a brand with a decent budget I would do the same.  I would want to work with content creators who love and believe in what they do.

Here is the catch.


This is my life and my passion.  I will not work with people I would not happily shout out about. I get such a buzz when someone thanks me for the recommendation (and no I don’t work on commission so it’s not a money buzz.  It’s more than that).  The people and brands I work with I really believe in. I am loyal to the core and I have their back. There are also loads of products and services I refuse. Some opportunities I look into if they take my interest or if I feel they will add value to my life, the people in my life and of course my content. Because I adore creating content with my own spin on it.

Often, I shout about people I don’t work with.  I strongly believe we don’t give enough compliments and I always say we should be inspired by people and never intimidated.  This can be so hard though.  We fear we will come across as too keen, too needy, perhaps after something.  Perhaps we admire people from afar and we don’t have the time or the confidence to approach them.

I love it when I meet epic individuals who totally blow my mind.  I love being a cheerleader.  We all need cheerleaders.  I’m talking passion levels that go through the roof and make me go WOW I want to tell everyone about you. I am now your cheerleader. I am lucky to have my own cheerleaders too who encourage me and expect nothing in return. These cheerleaders will never know how much I appreciate this.

The best in the industry have passion written all over them.  I can see it in their eyes.  They sparkle.  The best brands care, they know what their purpose is and they go out and smash it.  The best people care.  The best people take on board criticism and make plans to change if the criticism is valid and impacting others in a negative way. 

The best people and brands in the industry don’t necessarily have the biggest following on social media either, this should always be remembered.  Not everyone has the time they would like or the resources to build a following – this takes SO MUCH WORK.

Often, I go with my gut.  Sometimes I am wrong. Sometimes people let me down, I can trust too easily. Sometimes people that I think care about the same things as me don’t.  I need to remember that this is ok and I should never take it personally.  Ego can damage a lot of things.  It can be easy to get frustrated with people and let their rejection or their lack of support bruise the ego.  It is simply wasted energy.  

More often than not the relationships I have made are for life. This is my job, my skills, my passion, my creativity and my brand. Anything I decide to do (paid or unpaid) I take very seriously. Especially if the people care as much as I do. Without passion and authenticity- money is worthless.  So be you.  Do you.  Do things your way and appreciate the people that love you.  The ones that don’t – leave them to bash on.  It really doesn’t matter.  Be your own cheerleader and never take anyone for granted who is a cheerleader for you. 



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    • mummyjojo2012
      April 13, 2018 / 9:08 am

      Yes definitely my lovely xxxxx

  1. May 8, 2018 / 11:01 pm

    Really well said! And as a local mum brand with a teensy budget Id still love to chat about a possible collaboration! I think most 9-5-ers struggle to appreciate the time and energy that goes into being self employed and how much more effort it is than they typically appreciate. And on a less serious note I bloody love your videos!!!! 😀

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