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Something just clicked ……..

Edinburgh mental health

10 years ago to this day I went on a first date.  I was feeling nervous and excited.  I hid it well.

It was an incredible day.  Something just clicked.  We walked for miles, we talked.  We kissed.  Not just any old kissing though, we kissed like it was our last day on the planet.  We kissed like we meant business.  We shared our secrets, we laughed.  He laughed at my stupid jokes.  I told him his chat was platinum, not golden.  He still stuck around.  I said ‘today has been a great day’ and ripped a leaf off a tree for him to keep.  He still stuck around.  You see, for him something just clicked too.

We went back to that spot 5 months later, on my 26th birthday.  He carved our intials on a bench on that lane.  We have been back a lot over the past 10 years.  To change my initials from JW to JF.  To add our daughter, to add our son.  The most romantic form of vandalsim or wood carving.

Edinburgh mental health

This guy knows exactly who I am, the times I am wild and the times I am calm.  He gets it.  He gets me, all of me.  I know exactly who he is.  I get him, all of him.

Edinburgh mental health

He lets me share all kinds of things about our life.  He gets that I have found what I am meant to be doing.  He gets that something just clicked.  Just like it clicked 10 years ago today.

Edinburgh author and blogger

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edinburgh author and blogger


Mummy Jojo was recently dubbed ‘mental health reality tv’.  I love that.  I love being in a place to keep it so real that others feel ok.  I love how even the most amazing people like my husband still have issues.  I have issues.  We all have our own issues.  It’s how we use them that counts.

We have our issues and our battles and our fights. Because some days even if something just clicks – that something or someone we believe in will drive us crazy.  That is ok.  It’s the best kind of crazy.  The kind of crazy that is worth the fight because something just clicks.  When something just clicks we put the graft in.  We never give up, even when it can be tempting.

If you have been with me for this ride you will have read that I think marriage is a crazy ride.  You may also be aware that last year I had an  epiphany.  An  epiphany that even though something just clicked – my husband is NOT my Prince.

My husband may not be the prince that can rescue me but he sure is a legend.  A legend who is so proud and supportive that I will always keep it so very real.  Real to the core.

You can keep silver, throw away gold.  Something just clicked when this thing called platinum love took hold.

Love you Plat x




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