Spring Events Scotland – a top creative family day out whatever the weather

Spring Events Scotland – a top creative family day out whatever the weather

The National Galleries of Scotland came to our rescue today.  So what if it’s raining when you can take part in free arts and crafts and a whole heap of educational activities, in epic surroundings.  Despite a fun packed day with a 3 and a 5-year-old, I’m actually feeling pretty relaxed now and hopefully they are zonked enough to go to bed at a reasonable time.  If we had been at home all day, it would have been a totally different story.


The kids were hungry after a morning of swimming and gymnastics.  I am trying my best to tire them out as they are going to bed WAY too late for my liking these days and I have a pile of books I want to read and let’s not get started on Netflix catch up.  We were delighted with our delicious lunch – top coffee too which is always a bonus.
Warning, the salted caramel brownie is insanely good, not that it was needed after Easter weekend.  Although we had just been exercising all morning and life is all about balance.   Why do coffee and chocolate go together like tea and toast?
Edinburgh Mum blogger
Spring events Scotland - Edinburgh blogger

The kids were fully in their happy zone.  Arts, crafting and creating.  No arguing over toys or which TV show to watch, just soaking up a lovely new atmosphere and getting lost Van Gogh style.

I managed to do a little bit of drawing and reading myself. I stumbled across a book in the resource room (aka kids creative heaven) about the importance of taking time to get creative alone.  From a mental health point of view, these simple things are so important to teach our little people at this stage.  Kids need time to get lost in play and creating.  I love watching them sitting painting or building in their happy place, it’s so relaxing.  Today, Bonnie and Charlie were simply enjoying creating stuff and they were lost in the moment.  Mindfulness at its best.

I even made time for a bit of gushy mindfulness myself.  Check out my recent article here about gushy mindfulness for people who love to be busy.  Today it was –

Sitting calmly (off my phone and away from my emails) watching them get creative, with not a care in the world.


Wiping their little hands (with baby wipes that were on the table – the team really have thought of everything) and reflecting on how much they have grown.  That was a proper tear jerker kind of moment.  Green chalk being wiped off soft, warm little fingers.


Our little people were engaged and entertained all afternoon – perhaps the fantastic surroundings put them in a kind of arty trance and yes myself in a gushy mindfulness trance.  I’ll take that though as I am aware I need to do this more.  I need to take more time out to stop and appreciate what I have.  Because it can be easy to get caught up in the exciting ‘to do’ lists (or the mundane) and miss moments.

National Galleries – 1 Rain – 0

We still got to enjoy the view of the lovely grounds, whilst cosy inside.




Spring events Scotland - Edinburgh blogger
These are addictive, anyone know where I can buy some?
Spring events ScotlandSpring events Scotland - Edinburgh blogger
The iconic Galleries currently have three sites in Edinburgh (National Gallery of Scotland, National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery of Modern Art) and the team have planned a whole host of events for families.  I was thrilled with how hands on the lovely crew were with the kids – let’s be straight we like it when people make an effort with our kids and with us – we feel welcome.
All children are artists.
Edinburgh blogger - mental health Edinburgh blogger - mental health
Today ticked all our boxes so thanks so much to the team.  We also love our souvenirs from the lovely gift shop.  Charlie just loves a bath – meet Grandpa the duck.
Edinburgh Mum blogger
Bonnie wants to write a book one day and this real leather notebook was a bit of a bargain.  Love a bit of pink and gold too.  Let’s get those creative juices flowing baby!
Edinburgh Mum blogger
Siobhan McConnachie, National Galleries of Scotland Head of Education, said:
“We wanted to create fun events where parents and carers can enjoy quality time together with their children. Entry to all events, and to the Galleries, is free – meaning a great value day out for all.”
Siobhan added: “With activities indoor and out, be sure to come prepared with a change of clothes and a pair of wellies where needed; from messy art-making mornings to outdoor explorations in the grassy grounds, family art tours plus much more, we’ve created something for everyone and for all age ranges.”
Prepare to explore and be inspired, to find the full programme of what’s on this spring visit www.nationalgalleries.org/events

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