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Mindfulness for the mojo even when you are happy being busy A F

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I have a confession.  You see, last week I wrote a very gushy post about parenthood and how magical kids are.  I meant every single word.  Kids are so magical.  I need to be clear though: I do not spend every single minute of the day on this magical journey with them.  They wake up bouncing out of bed, they love life, they love opportunity, they love play.  It’s wonderful but they have no mega responsibilities yet so it is very easy for them to be so magical and mindful.  The message of my article was to encourage people to slow down, be mindful and enjoy the magic BUT my confession is this:

Sometimes my hopes and dreams clash BIG STYLE with the mindful magic of my kids.

I love being busy.  I love setting new goals, I love meeting new people, I love all of the new challenges I face and sometimes that clashes BIG STYLE with the magic of my kids.  Sometimes their noise levels clash with my writing or creative time.  Sometimes I don’t want to be on the floor, playing with plastic toys.  Sometimes I want to read adult stuff or have an adult conversation.  I am sure you feel that way at times too and please remember that is ok.  Sometimes our kids just want to be left to watch a film, sometimes they need time to chill out and unwind.  Granted the balance will change.

We can’t give our kids 100% of our energy, being lost in their beautiful world every second of every day.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t cherish the times we do.  It sure doesn’t mean I won’t continue to write gushy words about the wonder of these little people.

Some days when our kids come running through at 6am, full of zest for life, I need to give them the iPad and cherish my sleep.  That is ok. Sleep is very good for us, especially if we were up a little later than planned – working, watching Power on Netflix (#hooked), training, getting jiggy – whatever floats that sweet little boat of yours.

I have battled with anxiety my whole life and since I have started really focusing on mindfulness over the past few years, my stress levels have decreased.  My anxiety levels are so much lower.  I am a nicer, more positive and happy person to be around.  Even when the stresses and pressures of being a busy, working Mum can try and pull all the magic and mojo away from me.

Here are my top tips for Mindfulness for the Mojo (even when you are happy being busy AF)!



Take 3 deep breathes at certain times throughout the day.  This is so good for your heart and mind.  I do it in the shower, in traffic jams, sometimes at night in bed before I fall asleep or in the morning as I boil the kettle.

Gushy mindfulness

Although I love being busy and often rush around daft, most days I practise mindfulness by sitting calmly with the kids and focusing on their little faces or their hands.  Today I was up a little earlier than usual and I crawled into bed with our cheeky little 3 year old.  I woke him up by kissing his head.  I then took a few minutes to lie and watch the expressions on his sleepy little face. His fingers were locked around mine and he looked so beautiful.  Often in those simple moments I am so present that I get tears in my eyes.  Because I am so focused on how magical these little people are.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t rush and get stressed at him throughout the day.  But I live by quality of moments.  That moment is what I call gushy mindfulness at it’s very best.  Those are the moments we never forget.

Lost in music

I love getting lost in the moment with music when I do the dishes or cook.  It’s also great for traffic jams that you can do nothing about.  Music is SO good for our mental and spiritual health.  Remember to turn on a song that you love and get lost in it.  Even for 2 minutes a day.


Not only is running and brisk walking SO good for us, it can be a great opportunity to be lost in the moment.  It also helps us to focus on our breathing.

Writing a list

Writing a list of feelings or things we want to achieve allows us to focus on the moment and worry less about the past or the future.  We have power within us right now to start something amazing, whatever excites us and floats that boat.  Maybe you want to start a new exercise, get a new qualification, work on a skill.  Right now could be the moment to grab that notepad and get planning.

Part of the reason kids are so magical is because they are so mindful.  Mindfulness is hard for those of us that love to be busy but there are ways we can make it realistic.  Let me know how you get on.

Namaste x




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