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She thinks i’m wonderful – thoughts for Mother’s day Weekend 2018

Edinburgh author and blogger

She thinks i’m wonderful

I often doubt myself when ‘perfect Mum’ starts whispering in that fragile mind of mine.  But no, not her.  She thinks i’m wonderful.  Perfect Mum told me to ‘play it cool, don’t embarrass her now’.  I walked into her classroom last week and her little face was beaming.  It was beaming so bright and all she wanted to do was hug and kiss me.  She screamed:

‘My Mummy is here, Mummy I love you soooo much’. 

There was no shame on that sweet little face.  You see, young children aren’t afraid of looking foolish. They embrace people and adventure with open arms.

Edinburgh author and blogger

Images by Paul Johnston

That childlike simplicity and enjoyment is wonderful.  That awareness of the magical nature of everyday life is wonderful.  Young kids are wonderful.  A mind blowing kind of wonderful.  But so often we miss it.

I want to cling onto that wonderful.  That wonder of freedom to be whoever we want to be.  Freedom to embrace the adventure we choose.  Freedom to tell those harsh voices of self-doubt to back off.

She thinks I am wonderful and I think she is too.  I want her to stay wonderful, just the way she is.  For as long as possible.  I want to join her.  I want to sing with the passion she has in her voice and dance with her infectious energy and enthusiasm.  I want to enjoy my meals as much as she does, I love seeing her smile and laugh when she eats without guilt or care.  I want to get as excited as she does when she writes down words and creates something wonderful.  I want to love as hard as she does and hug as tight.  I want to be as simple and honest and caring and fun.

Your kids think you were wonderful too you know.  They love with their pure, sweet, creative little minds. They don’t judge you on things like money or status.  They love you for the simple things. Playing in the snow when the beast from the East strikes is magical. Getting lost in stories is magical.  Collecting shells and keeping them is magical. Playing hide and seek is magical.

Embracing their wonderful is a beautiful form of self-care.  Because only when we really stop, only when we are as mindful and present as they are do we really get it.  That’s when our eyes are really open to a beautiful and magical world.

Edinburgh blogger and author Edinburgh blogger and author Edinburgh blogger and author

Get lost in their wonderful and embrace the magic as much as you can.  Because it feels so good.

Happy Mothers Day weekend when it comes x



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