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I posted a carrot cake porridge image last week across social and a few of you have requested the recipe. I can’t take any of the credit, it all goes to the lovely Alexa at The Fresh Life. Alexa shares my passion for wellness and living a balanced, happy lifestyle. She is a glowing picture of health and I have been encouraged and am very much enjoying her tips this month in the Fresh Life Group on Facebook.

I have permission to share a few of the wonderful recipes with you.


Edinburgh wellness

Edinburgh wellness

I have set myself some pretty huge goals this year.  I’m working hard with my inspirational PT Trev Jones and the team at David Lloyd and will have some exciting updates and tips for you soon.

The Fresh life has been a tremendous resource for me, as we know that we truly are what we eat.  Exercise alone is not enough.  I am no longer about diets.  I am about good, whole foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible.  Food free from additives or other artificial substances.  We all have our own journey and for me it is about finding the balance that works for me and the family.  I am about food that tastes amazing and fuels the body.  I am also still trying my best to keep drinking lots of water, a habit that is all too easy to forget the days that we are on the move.

food and wellness blogger, Edinburgh

My goals this year are about body composition, fitness, confidence and yes of course loads more wellness.  We need to work at our bodies and our minds equally and that means a strong support system.  I want to be the very best version of myself.  To me that means energy – natural energy from exercise and good food.  That means way less sugar.  That means finding the balance with caffeine and alcohol that works for me.  That means being more productive, focused and pleasant to be around.  I still have days I struggle but overall it’s working.  It really is.  Because hard work always pays off and I want to help you get in full mojo too.

You can sign up to the Fresh Life newsletter on the website ( to get a free recipe eBook.


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