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Why I am going Dry this January – Mummy Jojo UnCut

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People often tell me ‘You don’t need booze’. I see their point. I can be the same on a Monday morning sober as I am at a Scottish wedding dancing on the tables. I dance a lot. But I will admit, I enjoy the taste of alcohol, especially a glass of ice cold champagne or fine wine with a meal ah and a coconut margarita oh BABY.

Sometimes I drink to relax. Sometimes I drink to escape. I drink on a flight if I feel a little nervous. It helps to numb the pain and makes the time pass quicker. I have also had many a fun night or day out (or in), drinking and having a laugh with friends.

Alcohol can open up our imagination and make certain things feel hilarious. Like asking a cop for a selfie in Sydney or getting in a water fountain in Singapore – mmm had to be there or had to be drinking?

Dry January - Edinburgh blogger Dry January - Edinburgh blogger

Mostly these days I would say, I am in control of the booze.  I have cut back a lot since having kids and getting into fitness.  Also, as hubs doesn’t like wine, I drink a lot less of it.  There is no point opening a bottle for just me.  If we are out for a nice meal I can enjoy a couple of glasses of wine without having to get blind drunk.  Although a couple of wines can easily lead onto several cocktails at £10 a drink.

When I reflect over the years, sometimes I have lost that balance.  Sometimes the booze controlled me.  It altered who I was. First impressions count and thinking back there were times I was not my best when I drank too much.  I slurred my words, forgot my manners, flashed, said hurtful things that I lived to regret.

I’ve been thinking a lot about booze over the past month. In 2017 a lot of inspirational people came into my life.  One of those was Max Johnson, a physique athlete and former Junior Mr Scotland.

Max Johnson - Edinburgh Max Johnson - Edinburgh

It hit me at a product launch event I worked at with Max, that he was on top form despite not drinking.  How awful does that sound?  But it’s UK culture.  Often we feel we need booze to have fun.  I’ve met and worked with Max several times since this event.  The banter has been on tap and we have had some crazy productive and creative working sessions – drinking coffee or water (he shares my love of both).

The last time Max drank alcohol was over a year ago (in Dubai of all places).   Drinking has never been his thing.  He feels socially confident without it and he claims that going on a booze detox has fully enriched his life because he has more money and time.  No hangovers mean he has his entire weekend to do whatever he pleases.  He is also very conscious of the impact drinking has had on his performance in sport and in the gym when he transitioned from rugby into physique sports.

Max has really been a source of inspiration to me and he has got me thinking: does booze hold us back? His energy and passion is infectious.

Yes, drinking can offer a wagon of excitement BUT there is no denying the fact it can impact our energy, motivation and vitality.  It impacts our food choices the next day, hi fast food and loads of it.  See ya foods that nourish my body and mind.  It can make us paranoid.  It impacts our sleep patterns.  It costs a lot of money.

Would I have a fuller life if I cut it right down?  The thing is, alcohol is extremely addictive and I find that if I have one glass of wine it is never enough.  Especially if it is a nice bottle.

Hubs and I have decided to attempt dry January.  We have never done this before.  Part of this decision came about after his work night out.  He felt awful the following day.  I could hardly go near him because of the smell of the ‘day after’ alcohol fumes.  He slept poorly for 3 nights after it.  It took him days to feel himself again.  Mr productive became a slave to the sofa.  He lost his zest for life.  He missed out on a lot of fun that day.  He missed seeing Bonnie win two swimming races that morning.  Likewise, I have missed a lot too and he has picked up the slack when I have been feeling too tired and the Mojo has gone out of town after going too hard on the town.  Sorry kids, Mummy is chilling today.  Screw the adventures.  Food for thought.  Small print – all parents and all people deserve to let their hair down in whichever way they please.  But is there a better way?

Whilst part of me thinks dry January is all a bit of fad nonsense and it may make me want to drink the forbidden fruit even more, I am going to use the time to reflect.  I’m going to get focused on my goals for the year.  Yes, there may be social pressures but you guys know by now that I love a project.  And one thing is for sure, I will still be dancing, don’t you worry.  Just check my insta stories tonight.

Wish me luck and make the first month a good one with lots of fab memories (dry or free pouring).  Cheers x





  1. Ruth
    January 3, 2018 / 8:25 pm

    Personally, I’m so busy and exhausted these days that the thought of losing time to alcohol is a no- brainer! Stick with it!

    • mummyjojo2012
      January 3, 2018 / 8:41 pm

      Thanks Ruth. Amen to that x

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