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Family and friends at Christmas – can you ever get too close?

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If you saw my #notasitseems Insta picture last night you might be thinking – has Mummy Jojo finally lost it??!!  It was a shot of me glued to my brother’s cheek because he walked into the room wearing thee most epic smelling aftershave he got from santa.  Ironically, the one I almost got the hubs who insisted “he didn’t need”.  That has just lost him a lot of action.

I just had to stand and sniff.  Because my family are close.  Not in the kind of creepy way.  Just close in that we can say exactly what we think without worrying it will be taken the wrong way.

We are also close in that we slag the shizzle out of each other and still laugh.  We laugh through it and to me that is home.  That is happiness.  That is team 100%.

A bestie challenged me recently and requested this topic.  Which is best – being really close to our family and friends so we tell it 100% straight OR being close but putting on a front to an extent so as not to offend.  Not giving them our honest thoughts and feelings from fear of hurting them.

Being a family and friend politics dodger.  Which camp are you in? Camp 100% or camp keep calm and carry on politics dodger? 

My take:

Know this for sure.  If you are in my team 100% then I think the world of you.  I love my friends and family so much (old and new).   I am thankful (AF).  I understand they have a different mind to me and that is 1 – healthy and 2 – interesting.  We will not always agree. Sometimes we will forget our manners.  Sometimes we will be struggling with the wellness levels and it may come across as cold.  But if we are in the 100% camp – then we won’t try and keep calm and carry on.  We will say “I am struggling, please cut me some slack because I need you”.

It can be so tempting to spend a lot of our life in the dodger camp.  From fear of offending people or fear of coming across as weak.  It can be easy to play Mr or Mrs nice and take note of the word PLAY.  Whilst I still am a nice girl and I care, maybe too much at times, a switch has flipped. Because being in the 100% camp feels so good.  Playing games is way last decade.  Ironically, what I love about kids is that they tell us straight.  They are always team 100%.  How sad that as we get older we start to let the fear take over.  We start to enter camp politics dodger.

My message to you – push the fear aside and join team 100%. You can show emotion and still be strong.  You can have respect for yourself and those you love simultaneously.  You can cry happy or sad tears and show what is going on inside.  You can fight for the things you believe in and feel so passionately about.  Those things that others you love don’t get.  If you have goals then let them be heard.  Let your voice be heard.  Make sure people listen because you need their support.  You need them to have your back.  You don’t have to be rude and nasty.  Just be honest.  Say how you feel.

Being the policics dodger can only get you so far.  Team 100% rule the world.  Love wins, unconditional love.

Thanks to all the 100% people in my life.  We may not always agree, but I would SO much rather we worked through it together – face to face.  Whist some come into your life for a reason or a season, team 100% lasts a lifetime.



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