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First EVER family cinema trip – Odeon Luxe Edinburgh – delight or disaster ?!!

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

First off – Happy National Sock day.  I’m wearing Paddington, send me a sock selfie.

National Sock day

So last week I decided to be brave and attempt our first EVER family cinema trip, on Charlie’s 3rd birthday.  As the socks suggest – it had to be Paddington 2.  The film everyone is raving about.

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

I had recently attended the red carpet press launch of the fabulous Odeon Luxe, Edinburgh to watch the Premiere of Murder on the Orient Express.  I took along my friends, Iain who used to work on the Orient Express, and his wife Nat. I’m just gutted we didn’t talk Iain into wearing his uniform.  The launch night was fab and I felt confident this cinema was the one to attempt to take both the kids for the first time.   The team are so friendly, the seats are AMAZING (as is the screen image quality and atmosphere), they serve pizza and all sorts of treats AND it has a bar.  I like to have a toast to not being in labour when the kids have a birthday. Let’s just say both events were interesting and LONG.  

We packed our bags and set off.  I love everything Paddington stands for so it was the perfect way for us to spend Charlie’s 3rd birthday, on St Andrews Day.  I was taking part in a campaign across social called ‘Be Like St Andrew’.  St Andrew was an extraordinary man. He was kind, inclusive and welcoming to friends and strangers alike, what an honour for our Charlie to be born on this amazing day. That’s one thing we all hope for our young kids, nephews, nieces, friends, right?  That they grow up to be kind.  That’s what people remember.  Paddington is a great example for our little people, that bear is a kind legend that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

We got a super warm welcome and I was very impressed that one of the guys remembered me from the press night. He made me feel so welcome yet again.  I remembered him too.  See – we never forget kindness.  Charlie was kitted out with a birthday popcorn and treat box, so he was instantly delighted.  Marion, the lovely DGM also brought him some balloons and a birthday gift – that boy is clever and he totally MILKED his birthday.  I wonder who he takes that from?


Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

When we first walked in, Charlie was a little overwhelmed at the size of the screen. He was a mixture of nervous and excited. The chairs with magic buttons helped with the nerves. We were all super comfy on the luxury leather reclining chairs.  This helped to relax the kids and of course, the more comfortable, the more likely they were to settle into the full experience.

I can confirm the kids sat nicely throughout the entire film.  One thing I will never forget is seeing our little Charlie dramatically burst into tears, when he though Paddington was about to drown.  He is such a sensitive wee soul. A big cuddle sorted him out and then he realised all was going to be ok.  Then the film got to the end and yip, I was sobbing like a baby.

Top marks all round, thanks to the team at the Odeon Luxe for making this such a special first family cinema trip.  May there be many more like it.  If you watched my stories on Instagram that night you will have heard what Bonnie said.

‘Mummy, I’m going to tell my teacher tomorrow that tonight has been the best ever”.  To which the birthday boy replied ‘It was amazing’ in his cute wee voice.

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger

Perfect planning from me, if I do say so myself, with the new bedding from good old Markies.  Our little 3 year old slept like a baby bear. Tip – a high thread count sheet is NEVER wasted on kids.  Sleep is too precious.

Edinburgh lifestyle and wellness blogger


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