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World Kindness Day 2017 – warning VERY gushy post!

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Today is World Kindness Day.  The ability to be kind is a gift and a very special one at that.  One of the highlights of my year was being told by Bonnie’s nursery and school that she is incredibly kind.  That she looks out for other kids.  I am prouder of this than I am of the fact I have been told she is a very good writer and reader.  Kindness is what people remember.  She could be top of the year for all I care but if she is rude and nasty then none of it matters.  That expression ‘Nice people come last’ is so wrong on so many levels.

I wrote on social media this time last year about a kind man at our local Tesco called Paul.  He was so lovely to the kids and I that he stuck in my mind.  A lot of local Edinburgh people commented on the post with words like ‘I know the Paul you mean, he is always so lovely and kind’.  Funnily enough, I bumped into him this morning.  He has been promoted and is still clearly an asset to the team at Tesco.  He makes people feel all warm and fuzzy.  He makes a real difference.

I have been thinking a lot about kindness lately.   You see, genuine kindness is not about giving to receive.  How often do we give whole heartedly without expecting anything in return? Lately, I have made a conscious effort to give out from a place of love, without expecting anything back.  If we are constantly expecting, if we are constantly sitting waiting for something back, we will just spend a lot of our life disappointed.  That sucks.  Honestly – try it, it really works.  It has 100% made me look at the world in a different way.  It has given me a hardcore wellness injection.

One thing we can all be guilty of is forgetting to say thanks.  We are often in a rush which means saying thanks is so easy to forget.  I’ll be honest, the busier I am the more I can sound like a total diva.  My hubs was taking the piss out of me the other night.  He challenged me to listen to the way I was talking to him, barking orders. I didn’t even realise I was doing it.  Thankfully, we were able to have a good laugh about it.  He does it too.  It is natural.

Today, I am taking time to say thanks for a few random acts of kindness this year.  I am sorry to all those I miss because if I really think about it, I could be here all day and all night.

Thanks to my neighbour Scott, who is not only a very successful lawyer, but he makes an incredible crumble.  Thanks for bringing this round to our house randomly one night.  Thanks also to Lynne, his lovely wife, for bringing round delicious soup to the house 4 years ago when we moved in. I will never forget that.



World Kindness Day 2017 - Edinburgh blogger

Thanks to my friend Jen for always being such a caring, thoughtful host.  Your homemade shortbread is delicious and I love the fact you share my passion for music and a good sing song – be it first thing in the morning as we cook breakfast or last thing at night.

World Kindness Day 2017 - Edinburgh blogger

On that note thanks to one of my oldest friends Alana for the thoughtful Love ornament you see above.  I love it and I love you dearly.  Thanks for being such a loyal, caring friend x

Thanks to both sets of grandparents for their unconditional love.  Thanks for all the fun times and memories we have made over the years.  Thanks for showing Hubs and I that we can make it through the storms that life gives us.  That, if we put in the work, we can survive over 40 years of marriage, even when the going gets tough and running away would be a very easy option.

(Small print – I know this is not always possible and believe me I would have been divorced by now if I had married some of the many boyfriends I had in the past).


Edinburgh blogger and author


World Kindness Day 2017 - Edinburgh blogger

Thanks to my Father in Law – Grandad Dave for all that incredible cooking and for passing this on to your son.  Thanks for always helping us with our party planning.  For making the kids birthday cakes with so much love.  For your kindness and incredible work ethic.  You have installed in that son of yours the fact that anything is possible with hard work and that alone inspires me every single day.

Edinburgh author

Thanks to my Mum for having fresh pancakes and lovely coffee made for my arrival at 242.  Thanks for ensuring we get our 7 a day with that amazing homemade soup you always make.  Thanks for always caring so much, about everything and everyone.  Thanks for helping Bonnie with her homework.

Thanks to my Mother in Law for being so straight talking and fun.  I love watching you dance.  I love how much you love your family.  I love how strong you are after all you have been through.  I love seeing your face light up when you hear a good tune.  I love the fact you now love Ed Sheeran, you are a lady of great taste and on that note – thanks for always spoiling the kids with such beautiful clothes.

Dad, kind should be your middle name.  You give and give.  People often spoke to me about your reputation in the Scottish office where you worked so hard all those years.  You always gave to the staff collection, even if you didn’t know the person.  You always gave everything you had, without expecting anything in return.  You always think of others.  You always make me laugh.  Words will never describe how amazing it has been to laugh with you again this past year.  As for that moment, that moment that put chills down my spine.  You know what I mean.  It was no coincidence what happened that day.  One for Arthur!

Thanks to my amazing big bro’s for fitting time in to play the guitar for my vlogs.  I promise I will trim my nails down and get lessons soon!  Thanks for the guidance and help in editing my book and for the highly constructive feedback.

Edinburgh blogger and author


Thanks to Burr and Co for that random act of kindness when you treated me to this delicious breakfast.

Edinburgh author

Thanks to my friend Natalie. Thanks for all your kindness and help with my branding and SEO.  Thanks for your honest words and your friendship.  Thanks for having that party and introducing me to my husband.  Thanks for hiring me for freelance work.  Thanks for believing in me and always encouraging me.  Thanks for spoiling me with champagne and accomodation at the stunning Blythswood Square Apartments that night, even when you were sick and felt horrendous.

Edinburgh blogger and author


Thanks to my monkey and wise owl old friend Cherith. You are not only an incredibly talented artist but you are pure comedy genius.  Thanks for making time for me with that crazy busy schedule of yours, to help me come up with ideas for my book illustration.  You will always be my fave Edinburgh artist.  Plug – amazing Christmas gifts guys.

Edinburgh blogger

Thanks to Hubs for letting me write whatever the hell I want in my blog and book.  Thanks for allowing me to be so honest, which is at the heart and soul of what I do.  Thanks for cleaning the house like a boss. I would happily pay for a cleaner but you take so much pride in everything.  Although I have decided I might just get one on the sly next year and take the credit.  It would prob mean way less nagging and the ability to blag more ESPA oil massages off you ;)!  Thanks For being the most hands on Dad I could ever imagine and allowing me the time to have built my dream job.  No words will ever describe how grateful I am.  Even on the days I want to punch you in the balls very hard.


Edinburgh blogger

Food is most certainly the way to my heart so I shall end this with a burger.  Holy Crap.  Thanks to Byron burger for potentially the best burger of my life.  You guys top it to date.  I’m coming back with the family soon for them to try.

Byron Burger, Edinburgh

Happy World Kindess Day.  Do me a favour and encourage people and thank them today for being kind.  Because kindness is something we need SO MUCH more of in this crazy little world of ours.


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