Top Brunch spots in Edinburgh – National Cappuccino Day

Top Brunch spots in Edinburgh – National Cappuccino Day

Today is National Cappuccino Day and coffee is always a highlight of going for brunch.  I often order a Cappuccino because I love a little fix of chocolate or cinnamon on the top.  If my Cappuccino isn’t’ good, I ain’t interested. So let’s start with the coffee.
I have a few favourite coffee shops in Edinburgh.  My current favourites are Burr and Co who always look after me so well and it’s like walking into a designer handbag store.  I’m a sucker for a nice atmosphere.

I also love a little trip to Steampunk in North Berwick.

Edinburgh brunch - National Cappuccino Day

national cappuccino day - Edinburgh blogger

There are Edinburgh places that stock steampunk coffee.  I was especially impressed by The Blue Bear Cafe and what a lovely team!  The Blue Bear brunch is a proper foodie fest and super fresh.  The team are excellent with the kids. They even let Bonnie hang her artwork on the wall.  She wants to go back soon to see if it is still there, I might need to call ahead and check.

national cappuccino day - the blue bear cafe

I am also a fan of Wellington Coffee on George Street, which is below one of my fave treat shops (Penhaligons

their Blenheim Bouquet will always be a fave of mine.  I just wish it didn’t keep going out of stock).

wellington coffee edinburgh


My hubs used to run a luxury bed and breakfast and gets a little cocky, I mean what’s the point in going out when he is such a master?  If you follow my Insta stories, you will see that over the weekend I do tend to get served breakie fit for a queen.  But with that comes a massive pile of dishes.  Everyone should make more time for a bit of brunch in their life.

Edinburgh blogger -national cappuccino day


Here are a few more suggestions.

Honeycomb & Co

The coffee (they do one lined with nutella too) and food are top notch.  I love the general vibe of this place and the fact that the menu has a twist to it.  There are plenty of options to cater for different diets too.

Honeycomb & Co - Edinburgh Honeycomb & Co - Edinburgh Honeycomb & Co - Edinburgh

The Pantry

I am still to try the new restaurant in Colinton, however have tried the Stockbridge one twice.  The first time I had the Thyme, fennel & marmalade roasted ham eggs benedict and it was fab, as was the coffee.  I spied the play area and decided I would return with the kids.

The waffles with chocolate, raspberries and peanut butter granola did not disappoint.

The Pantry

national cappuccino day - the pantry


The Haven

Based round the corner from Ocean Terminal, with very reasonable prices, fantastic pancakes, good strong coffee and it’s easy (and free) to park.  Bonnie was so impressed she offered to pay. The prices were so good that her pocket money covered the full brunch.  Happy days.

The Haven -national cappuccino day

The Haven -national cappuccino day


These guys broke my heart on my birthday in September.  I was all set for my Sunday birthday brunch but you can’t book. The queues were out the door so I was unable to get my fix and try out some more of what they have to offer.  The spiced cray eggs benno stay in my mind, as does their homemade lemon Bakewell cake.  It’s off the menu but I hope they bring it back.  Their vegan cake is also to die for.  The only issue is parking (and not being able to book).

Loudons - national coffee day

Loudons - national coffee day



Mimis Bakehouse

I love to support a local business so when Mimi’s came to St Johns Road I was down there quicker than Trump can offend someone.  I often crab a coffee there on the run and Bonnie is delighted as I fill up my loyalty card fast.  That girl loves a free cupcake.  The kids and I love their waffles.

Mimi's Bakehouse, Edinburgh blogger

Mimi's Bakehouse, Edinburgh blogger

The Restoration Yard

I love this place, although we timed it badly on a Wednesday morning when the staff were practising the fire drill.  Charlie and I were hungry so a 10 minute wait to get in was a tease.  Also, the view of the incredible park from the restaurant is also a tease for kids.  I would love to go back here adult only for a long, leisurely brunch.  I would feel a little guilty though.

The Restoration yard, Edinburgh blogger

The Treehouse Cafe

This is a serious hidden gem.  A place I would never think to go in.  Thanks to my blogger friend Amy at Luminous Life for telling me about this place.  She also told me about the pancakes at the Restoration yard (gutted they are now off the menu).  Back to The Treehouse Cafe.  What can I say? Fantastic service, fabulous coffee and the pancake stack.  Come to Mama!

The Treehouse cafe, edinburgh blogger

St Luca Morningside

This lovely Morningside cafe and ice cream bar has been a jewel of Edinburgh life for over 15 years.  It is our family fave for ice cream and we always serve it at a dinner party.  Esp after a Thai meal, which we cook from scratch.  A nice S Luca vanilla ice cream with some fresh passionfruit and mango is the ultimate palate cleanser.

S Luca, Edinburgh

It’s only taken me 35 years to go and sit my butt down in this lovely little cafe.  It was lovely to cake the full family.  From a quick cone or coffee to brunch and an ice cream sundae of course, it is a must.

S Luca Edinburgh blogger



I love to go here with friends for brunch.  The last time I was there it was my birthday weekend.  So I figured it would be rude not to make it a champagne brunch.  The vibes are great and the menu is fab.

Montpeliers, Edinburgh blogger

In terms of a brunch where the kids can run around outdoors – our current two favourites are The Secret Herb garden.

You can read my full review here.  

The secret herb garden

We also love a bit of Craigies Farm.

The kids love the park and the animals and I love the views and the food shop.  The homemade fruitcake never lasts long in our house.  We went to see Santa there for breakfast a couple of years ago.  It’s a lovely event if you fancy something a bit different this year.

Craigies Farm, edinburgh

Craigies FARM, Edinburgh blogger

There are still so many breakfast places I want to try.  Including the buttermilk pancakes at The Ivy and the bacon nann at Dishoom. But wow Edinburgh – what a city for brunch.  Get out there and enjoy.

Ps – My bestie was over from Dubia recently and I simply have to give her BLT brunch a shout out.  Please move back home soon and set up your own cafe babe x

Edinburgh blogger


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