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Writing with the kids to boost their mental wellness

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I have been writing as long as I can remember.  I kept a lot of my journals over the years, in fact I have a box in the attic full of them.  A box full of thoughts and stories.  I remember being really young and scribbling in a little mermaid diary I got out of the disney store.  It had a key and a padlock, I loved it.  Then I had one with a fairy on the front that was with me through my teenage years.  It holds thoughts of my first kiss, friendship drama, funny memories and lots of thoughts about good times and things I learnt along the way.


Writing has always been one of my happy places.  As a young child, I didn’t realise it at the time, but all that writing was fantastic for my wellness levels.

Happiness can be a habit, just like writing is a habit and a passion that I naturally keep working at.  Feeling content comes from a combination of all the things we do, think and say each day.  Writing these feelings down is something I am passionate about encouraging my kids to do too.  So when a lovely package arrived through the door from my friends at Boolino, including  this fantastic secret journal , I was delighted.  Bonnie was too and on opening the box said “Mummy, now I can be a writer like you”.


Kids mental wellness

I have spent time with Bonnie, helping her to write in the journal about all the stuff that matters to her.  She has drawn pictures of her family and friends, she has written about activites that make her really happy.  It is a fantastic way for her to gather her thoughts and express what is important to her sweet little mind.

Making notes regularly in a journal will no doubt improve writing skills.  Even if Bonnie decides she wants to do anything but writing, it is a skill she needs to develop as part of her work and study.  She aslo loves her sticker book, as did her pumpkin last week.

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Writing allows us to get time away from the world. Spending time alone and reflecting on our thoughts and experiences is important.

New research suggests that writing also helps to boost out immune system.  In my opinion, anything that we can do to boost our wellness will of course have an impact on our physical health.  The two work hand in hand together.

Our daily lives are often packed with goals — learning, work, developing our hobbies. Journalling is about dedicating a few minutes or more each day to be yourself. Taking this time out can help remind you who you are, what you want and whether you’re living your life as the kind of person you want to be. It’s also a great chance to practice a spot of gratitude.


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Taking time out to reflect on all the good things in our life is so important.  I’ve started this early with the kids.  We do it together and write 5 things we are thankful for (not every single day as let’s keep it real life is busy).  To give you an idea, here is what we wrote last week.

Wellness for kids


Bonnie –

Ice cream


Family and friends




Sometimes rather than stating the ovbious, I find it helps if I really dig deeper and think of more random stuff.  Imagine you were to write a list of 500 things you were thankful for.  I bet you could find them.  Here are some I wrote –

A nice house I enjoy walking past, ice cubes in the freezer, a colour I like (this month I am thankful for purple). I’m thankful for a quote I enjoy, a nice conversation I had, a cool new tune.  I am also thankful for the person who took the time to make the tune and write the quote.  All that creative energy and discipline to create something that makes me feel good.

When we focus on the positives, it makes the daily stresses of life feel a little lighter.  It sounds a bit airy fairy but I don’t care because it works.  I would rather be a person that focuses on the positives, a person that smiles at people and tries to be happy.  Even when the temptation is to just be a bit miserable and focus on all the stresses of life.  In a world full of critics, i’m fighting aginst being miserable and I think that is pretty cool.

Journal and pen out, goodbye world.


Note:  if you are struggling and finding it hard to be happy about anything then please talk to someone.  If a smile feels impossible right now that is ok.  Make an appointment with your GP, join a support group.  Sometimes we need help and it is a sign of strength, not weakness if you open up about it.  Support is what you need and you are most certainly not alone.



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