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My top oily fish recipes for glowing skin

My top oily fish recipes for glowing skin

We know how important oily fish is for our diet – think glowing skin, healthy insides and boosted mood levels. If I eat oily fish and other healthy fats throughout the week, I see an instant difference in my skin.  The piece I wrote last week about Amber Moss had a crazy number of hits.  This shows me that many of us consider botox.  Don’t get me wrong, part of me is still tempted.  If done well, it looks amazing.  But right now I am embracing my changing face and am feeling happy with a great skincare and eating plan.

Amber swears by the power of oily fish for the glow factor and I have to agree.  I made a deal with her to eat it a minimum of twice a week.  I got into a routine and have stuck with it for the past 2 months.  I feel fantastic.

Here are my foodie tips on how to easily slot in the recommended 2 portions per week.

Anchovies.  This homemade dressing I make for ceaser salad is delicious.  It also goes great in wraps, such as grated carrot and roasted peppers or Parma ham and fresh basil.

Oily fish for glowing skin


Roast Mackerel with beetroot and horseradish cream.  Pan fry the fish for a few minutes on each side, mix creme fresh with a tsp of horseradish sauce and some freshly chopped dill.  Roast beetroot in olive oil.  If you like a kick, stick some fresh chilli in for the final few minutes. This dish is also lovely with roast salmon.  I had some avocado in the fridge, so stuck it on the side.  Who doesn’t love a double injection of the healthy fats?



Smoked Mackerel pate

This is perfect to use with leftover mackerel.  Mix the fish with a tbsp of cream cheese or creme fresh, black pepper, lemon juice and mustard or horseradish if you like a kick.  Some fresh chilli also works well.  I served mine on thin flatbreads.


Smoked Salmon or trout.  I buy this once a week which gives me two portions.  I have one for breakfast with scrambled eggs and asparagus (or whatever I have in the fridge).  I then have some the following day for lunch.  A recent example was with avocado, sliced peppers, a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of chilli seeds and golden flaxseed.

Smoked Trout

Smoked Trout


Sometimes you can’t beat a good bagel.  Last month I made a smoked salmon, cream cheese and jalapeno pepper bagel and it was to die for.  I got the jalapeno peppers fresh out of Waitrose.  OMG it was epic.

Smoked salmon bagel


It’s all about the broccoli stems.  I have been wasting these until recently.  After a lesson at The Edinburgh Cookery school, I decided I need to make use of these stems.  Andrea Mclean is already a big fan of them and often enjoys them raw.

I have started having them with oily fish and they taste great.  The crunch is a nice contrast in texture from the soft fish.  Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them and a good sprinkle of black pepper.



Broccoli stems

If you are having a super busy week, rushing around like a mad person, you can buy the mackerel and salmon fillets already cooked.  On the packet for the piri piri mackerel I got at Tesco, it said I had to use straight away and I couldn’t freeze.  I was a rebel and kept in the fridge, wrapped up and used the 2nd fillet the next day.  I felt fine.  Who wants to eat 3 mackerel fillets in one day?  My hubs ain’t a fan so it was either that or throwing them out.

Piri piri mackerel

Not officially an oily fish, but I love a bit of smoked haddock poached in milk and topped with a poached egg.  It’s a cracking (pardon the pun) way to start the day.  Just don’t do what I did and use the wrong spoon to catch the poacher.  Not the best looking egg, but the yolk was still runny and it tasted gooooood.


Smoked haddock

So there you have it.  What is your favourite way to eat oily fish?

I have a new found love of seafood after an exciting filming session yesterday.  More to come on that soon……..

Oily fish




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