North Face and Trail Running for the soul

North Face and Trail Running for the soul

I was recently invited out to The Pentlands to test out and model the new North Face Mountail Athletic range, which you can find in Tiso.  I took to the hills, after a nice coffee and chat, with a bunch of likeminded runners. The incredibly inspiring Mollie Hughes, who has reached the summit of Mount Everest TWICE was part of the crew.  I met her through my PT, Graeme Starkey, who helped to get her in the best shape of her life for the mountain.  The girl has passion for the outdoors by the bucket load and I love her mindset. LOVE IT!

Mollie Hughes

Mollie Hughes Photo by Rachel Keenan Photography

We were in for a fun packed afternoon of hitting the trails. Rachel Keenan, keen runner and incredible photographer was there with us to join in the fun and capture us testing out the new range.


North Face trail running

Image by Rachel Keenan Photography


We all shared the reasons as to why we run.  Running is part of who we are for so many reasons. For a little inspiration, you can read more here.

I am loving my new thermoball jacket.  It is super comfy, cosy and matches my current manicure, happy days.  It’s been a God send for the school and gym run too.  It’s perfect for Autumn and layering too.

The pulse capri leggings are super comfortable.  I tested them out again a couple of days later at the Edinburgh Gossip girls epic 10K trail run in East Lothian.  I bagged a new trail running 10K PB and felt strong at the end.  Running along Yellowcraigs Beach was awesome, despite the sand slowing the legs down.  Feel the burn.


I am mad about purple tones this month, so was delighted with my new North Face play hard vest.

I love to play hard.


The North Face gear is perfect for running, climbing, yoga, lifting and more (school run = who doesn’t love an activewear w8nker at the school gates?)


Don’t forget to stretch.  And chill.




  1. Laura Thomson
    October 30, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    Hey Jo! Where did you go to do the trail run with the lake? I’m going to try and get off road sometimes but don’t know where to start. Thanks Hun xx

    • mummyjojo2012
      October 31, 2017 / 10:07 am

      so sorry hon, i’ve only just seen this for some reason. It was the pentlands and loved it !! xxx

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