My kind of vintage – Caudalie Beauty Elixir

My kind of vintage – Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Last month Caudalie kindly sent me their limited-edition gold Beauty Elixir, a cult product favoured by make-up artists, beauty junkies and celebrities.  

Caudalie is a French skincare company with their trademark being grape-oriented skincare products.  Originating in vineyards in Bordeaux, Caudalie recycles the grape seed oil usually thrown away during harvesting to produce pioneering natural formulas that create an effective and luxurious beauty range.



It can be used as a toner, to set make-up and to re-hydrate after a workout.  What I love about this product is that not only does it smell great, it can be used on the run.  It’s quick and easy.  All it requires is a quick shake and then I can spritz away.

It’s lovely to have in my bag when I go to the gym, especially after a session with Graeme Starkey (team GG).  That man knows how to get me working, because to quote “wishy washy sessions lead to wishy washy results”.  It is so refreshing spritzing it like mad onto my red, sweaty face.  


Girls who lift need Caudalie


Girls who lift, run, train need a bit of Caudalie in their life.  In fact, so do guys.


Hubs love a spray of Caudalie elixir

The beauty elixir contains 100% natural ingredients including grapes extracted from a French vineyard that makes high end wine, only available to buy in Harrods.  Now that is my kinda vintage.  I’m a self confessed wine snob so maybe that’s why I love it so much.   The stuff I get is so tasty that even my two year old tries to knock it back.  What can I say?  The boy eats olives and prawns, he has a good palate.  Long may it last.

Meet Mummy Jojo

Hello there


David Lloyd outdoor pool

I pretty much take it everywhere with me.  It comes to the spa.  It comes in my gym bag. It hangs by my bed or hotel room bed.

Blythswood Square Luxury Apartments

After a night on the town, knocking champers back like a desperate Mum who doesn’t get out much, this was a welcomed product the following morning. It’s great to spritz after a sauna or steam room too.


Blythswood Spa

I also use it to reset makeup, this is perfect for days I am vlogging, filming or taking part in a photo shoot.
This also includes cooking up a storm in a hot, sweaty kitchen.


The beauty elixir is the first Caudalie product I have used and I have to say, it is pretty addictive.  I find it hard to put down.  The product is very hydrating and is meant to visibly reduce the size of pores after 26 days.  I’ve been making a fair amount of Insta stories, often in a rush with no makeup on and my skin has been looking pretty clear and silky.  My eyes are a little baggy though, hopefully Caudalie have some nice eye cream I can test out next.  I am also keen to try their acid toner.



Three C’s I love – Coffee, Cuddles, Caudalie

I just love a quality product.  Thanks Caudalie for giving me the glow.

Mummy jojo




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