Yoga, great tea, organic deodorant and posh wash

Yoga, great tea, organic deodorant and posh wash

A lovely package arrived at my door last month.  The timing was perfect.  I was being a total PMS Psycho, hubs and I were not vibing well and I felt a little low.  I needed a proper wellness injection and this box was my platinum ticket.

The leaf tea experts eteaket, natural beauty brand Awake Organics and M Botanicals have teamed up with Reiji practioner and wellness guru Helen Ann Stevens.  My “Yoga pamper pack” included the most delicious green tea I have ever had a wiff of (#noseporn) let alone tasted – Blooming Marvelous.  “Flavoured Sencha green leaf is expertly blended with bright mallow and sunflower petals, exquisite rosebuds, sweet vanilla and fresh tangy fruit. Creating a sweet and slightly floral green tea with bags of taste and personality!”.  I am now hooked.  Green tea is the healthiest drink on the planet, packed with antioxidents and nutrients.  Sometimes I just sit and smell it.

The epic scents continued as I opened up the perfectly portable Awake Organics Deodarant

“100% NON-TOXIC, ALUMINIUM-FREE, ORGANIC CREAM DEODORANT. ENERGISING AND UPLIFTING NATURAL AROMA.” It smells incredible and I love the packaging.  Lavender and peppermint help to aid relaxation, cool and ease the skin and relieve muscle pain.


Of course, my indulgent yoga pamper kit would not be complete without a posh wash.  There are so many products out there so packaging is as important as the scent and feel in my opinion.  This stunner of a body wash is made with traditional concentrated Castile soap.  It contains saponified Olive and Coconut oil and scented with floral Geranium, citrus Bergamot and grounding Frankincense. My husband actually jumped me when I got out the shower, speaking of yoga kit, that certainly takes downward dog to another level.

I love yoga, I am a regular at my local health club, David Lloyd.  Yoga, body balance and pilates all leave me feeling so grounded.  I also feel well cool when I wap out a sun salutation.  Pretty strong too and perfect to keep my running legs in good shape and injury free.  I especially love the meditation at the end, lights down low.  It allows me the head space I need.  I then hit the outside pool, be it in the morning or as the sun sets.  This is a place I get some of my best writing ideas.  There is something magical about water.  I call it water and wellness.  Water gives us the chance to take a quick detox from our technology fuelled, fast paced lives.

Outside pool at David Lloyd after yoga


Thanks for this beautiful box folks, you know me too well, the power of Insta Stories.  To follow a snapshop of this then check out my daily stories and posts right here.




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