Edinburgh Adventure ideas

Edinburgh Adventure ideas

It is so easy to waste the hours away at home getting ‘stuff done’. This can be a great thing.  For one, the mental health stats show us that it can be dangerous to overstimulate our kids.  They need time to get bored.  They need time to use their imagination.  Us parents and carers also need time to tick things off our list, it’s satisfying  BUT it is all about balance.  For our mental wellness, we need to get out in nature. We need an adventure and a change of scenary.  No matter what age we are.

Hubs and I were chatting about this in the car.  We are out of practise BIG STYLE, so I suggested that every Sunday we have free, we take it in turns to plan a “family adventure day”.  I’m hoping we stick to it, far more than we stick to our “monthly adult only lunch or dinner out” which we last did in errr February.

Over the weekend I chose Cammo estate, a north-western suburb of Edinburgh, approximately 6 miles from the city centre.  It is a short drive from our house.  First up, we drove out along Turnhouse Road to watch a few planes landing.  The kids loved it. Note – this is also a great place to go running or walking on a nice summer evening.  One thing I have noticed about Edinburgh weather with a West facing garden – it may rain a fair bit but the evenings are often lovely.

We then took around a 5 minute drive to one of the Cammo Estate car parks.  The closest car park to the water tower, which you can access just off Cammo Walk.

I had been winding Hubs up about being the odd one out.  The kids and I were matching in our converse shoes.  Daddy pig had the last laugh when we realised it was pretty muddy.  Note – wear shoes you don’t mind getting wrecked.


Team Converse

Luckily, we had the kids wellies in the boot.  Typical parenting, always pack for the kids without a thought for our own needs.  My shiny cons had to admit defeat and they took a pounding through the muddy swamps.


Before the shoes got a little manky

On another note – if you are like me and like to plan adventures in line with great coffee – there is no coffee available at Cammo Estate.  Get your fix first!


I can’t see any coffee signs here? Oooops

Cammo Estate is the perfect location to let the kids imagination run wild.  I started to chat about “going on a bear hunt”.  One of my favourite books to read the kids.  This will be great fun I thought.  Adventure is awesome.  Our family is awesome.  I love a Sunday adventure.  Hubs and I were feeling slightly smug, despite my now pretty manky rose gold cons (sob).

Then out of the blue, our 4 year old had a TOTAL meltdown.  She was scared and didn’t want to see any bears.  She was convinced one was hiding in the water tower and wanted to go home.  Our 2 year old, on the other hand, was loving the bants.  Mission of “fun Mummy Jojo” attempting a bear adventure was a complete disaster.


Mummy how could you ?!

We managed to drag it out another 20 minutes but our little girl is head strong and was simply disgusted I had “spoiled the walk with my scary bear talk”.  By the time we got back to the car, after carrying a child each (caked in muddy wellies), I was desperate for a coffee (or cocktail).


The perfect place for a bear hunt….in my opinion

I let it slide though and agreed to drive us round the corner to Braehead Park.  This is only a few minutes away from the main Cammo Estate car park and is defintely worth it.



Char and I love sharing the big swing and getting pushed high

There is a lovely little park and also some Shetland Ponies to look at.


Ponies at Braehead park


It’s also a great park to watch the planes coming in.



There are other access points to Cammo Estate from this car park too.  After the park, we took a 2 minute walk across a lovely bridge that looks out onto the river almond which is so relaxing and scenic.



That then brings you out to the back of what was once the Crammond Brigg.  I was gutted we had already had lunch.  The venue is now Miller and Carter Steakhouse and the food smelt amazing!  Hubs acted quickly, before I could suggest a coffee stop and insisted we head back to the car as the kids were shattered (the big tighto).  I am keen to go back for lunch – a ribeye steak is my kinda Sunday Roast.


On arrival home, sods law I realised I had ran out of coffee pods.  But as the kids were chilling nicely to the tv, I decided not to make a big deal of it.  An instant coffee with a little foamed milk was the next best thing.

An adventure of mixed emotions but i’m still keen for another soon.  Any suggestions?




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