Hiding those "runners toenails" with comfort and style this summer

Hiding those "runners toenails" with comfort and style this summer

Last year I ran my first marathon and lost my big toenail.  It wasn’t sexy but I didn’t care because hey I had a marathon medal.  How’s that for a big massive box tick.  A few weeks ago I ran my 3rd half marathon and I treated myself to a gorgeous pedicure.


But the damage had been done and a couple of weeks later I lost one of my smaller toenails.  Again, sexy times.  So I decided to trade the flip flops for a different look.  Here are a few of my favourites.


There are so many to chose from.  I own a couple of pairs but my current favourites are these rose gold bad boys. Comfortable and they go great with jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts.

Converse - Mummy Jojo

Converse style


Nike Air Max

#justdoit – I love a bit of Nike and let’s face it, Nike Air Max whatever style or colour you select never go out of fashion.  It’s a chunkier but timeless boot.  I love wearing them with a nice denim skirt.

Nike Air Max - Mummy Jojo


For a treat

-I am MAD for Zadic and Voltaire boots and noticed they released my favourite ankle boots in a lighter shade.  They are HOT but sold out.

As the British Summer likes to play tricks on us, I think it is always good to have a pair of boots kicking around to wear out with a light dress.  I sometimes wear the black ones on a dark, cooler summer day (without the tights as I have tanned legs from the Greek islands I need to show off).


Zadic and Voltaire Boots - Mummy Jojo

For an everyday heel I have been loving my Toms wedges.  They are so comfortable and don’t show too many of those toenails.

Toms WEDGES - Mummy jojo

Wish List

I am looking for a wedge with a bit of bling for those dressier occasions.  Where can I find?  It’s all about the summer wedges and stilettos just ain’t as comfy!  Hopefully, by the time I get a night out, my toenail will have grown back.


Keep on running.



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