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Magazines, pouts and smiles

Magazines, pouts and smiles

‘Readly’ recently asked me to review their new “ultimate magazine prescription” app.  It was perfect timing because we were about to go on holiday.  My frugal hubs always moans when I pick up magazines because the ones I like are pricey.  You get what you pay for and I have always been a fan of quality over quantity.  In fact, I recently got into the whole ‘capsule wardrobe’ chat.  I think it is way better to have a handful a nice, quality items over lots of cheap crap that is wrecked within a week.  The only downfall is bloody social media.  I can hear the comments:

“She’s wearing that outfit again (I can’t get enough of dusky pink right now)?  And why is she pouting like Victoria Beckham who does she think she is?  You ain’t 18 anymore love.”



Like your magazine of choice – some of us love a pout and believe it to be a ‘selfie essential’.   I am of mixed opinion.  Part of me thinks I look a bit like an asshole when I pout but part of me thinks it’s quite a fierce look.    Does a pout show attitude and character? Do pouts and selfies go together like manky cheese and fine wine?

Or perhaps you think like my hubs.  He hates a pout and thinks it looks awful.  He much prefers it when I smile ‘natural style’.



Less pout more smile

Back to Readly, I agreed to give it a bash and  I was pleasantly surprised.  The options are endless.  They have all the best magazines and that includes SO many fabulous ones I had never heard of.  To name a few of my favourites –


Psychologies – yes normally £4.20 so it is pricey and hubs often sneaks it back out the trolley #asshole. I love it though, such a good read.  Also note – no pouts on the front cover.  Smiles light up the world they say.  The app allowed me to access it all – the latest addition and all the publications that came before.  One word – delighted.


OK! – for a quick flick of the latest celeb goss I love a bit of OK!  Who doesn’t love a wedding or a house stalk? i’m taking house stalking to the next level with an exciting project coming up soon #watchthisspace.

The images in OK! are great and I find this magazine a bit classier than some of the trash out there.   Loads of pouts on the covers and less smiles though which is interesting.

I do get annoyed with many celeb magazines though.  Lines like ”she has lost all her baby weight in a week” or “she has let herself go” make me SO mad.  I will always look back at my post babies “perfectly imperfect Mum” shoot with pride of what my body achieved.


My daughter knows I am proud of my scars – shoot by Anilorak photography


It is not only ok but it is normal to look like this after kids –  shoot by Anilorak photography


I tend to ignore any body shaming articles because I think they are shocking and the media still have a lot of work to do.  I find the articles in OK! to have a bit more substance.  I recently came across some good content about family life, relationships, being a role model etc.  We need more of this.  We need to move away from body shaming and focus on what is important. My body may weight less now than it did when these images were taken but at the heart of it I was still the same person and my kids love me for who I am.  Their minds are so precious, so innocent.  Feeling sexy is a state of mind.  It is not a size.

That reason I write is to make a difference.  It gets me out of bed in the morning.  Words are very powerful, we need to use them wisely.


Running – I currently have a subscription to Womens running magazine.  I love the content but am finding all the magazines are cluttering the house up.  Last year I gave a massive pile away to a friend who was training for her first marathon.  It’s been great to dip in and out of the various running magazines.  It’s always good to get motivational chat when it comes to exercise.

Foodie stuff – I love food, wine, cocktails, champagne – they have it all from Food to Love food and wine and decanter.

I was very impressed by the selection – if you have a passion, the Readly App offer great content be it knitting magazines, cycling, business, travel, art, parenting, animals or SEO.


An incredible selection of magazines.  You can get access to over 2200 top titles and read as much as you like for £7.99 a month.

Very easy to use and the app saves your favourites.

Less clutter of magazines in the house.

If you love magazines this is a very cost effective way of getting to read all of your favourites.

The app also saves your place if you want to dip in and out of articles.

Helps me keep up to date on a variety of topics and I can do this quickly – great for busy people.


I couldn’t use it on the plane as there was no wifi – so I drank gin and let the kids jump on me instead.

Finding the time to read all the amazing content.  Granted, I can dip in and out (essential with young kids) so it’s easier than reading a full book.

Sometimes I like to get away from the screen and hold a paper book.  Find balance is what I say.


I always have my phone on me so it’s great to have magazines on tap if I need a break from social media.  I think this is a fantastic app and I am really enjoying using it.


This article was sponsored by Readly but rest assured all my opinions (and typos) are my own.  If I don’t like it, I don’t write it.


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