Enlighten your senses -my kind of Vibe

Enlighten your senses -my kind of Vibe

I am all about the senses.  As a foodie I love taste and I have always loved to be touched. That sounds a little bit out there, let me explain.  Since as long as I can remember I have loved massages, facials and foot rubs.  In fact, I used to bribe all my friends to rub my back (I still do to some of the ones who have been with me from childhood and therefore don’t find it weird).

Inline image 1When I was 12 years old, my guilty pleasure was hanging out in Boots.  I spent my pocket money on things like bath balls.  Then there was ananya and white musk oil from The Bodyshop.  Do you remember?  My taste got a little more extravagant over the years right up to the point in 2009 when I  helped to launch Blythswood Square spa in Glasgow.

A good trip to the spa has always been my medicine and what I love about ESPA products is that they allow me to create the spa at home too.  The number one reason being that the products smell so incredible that they instantly trigger feelings of calm.  Feelings of happiness.  To quote Sue, the Founder of ESPA:

“ We’ve spent the last decade focusing on looking after our bodies. We’ll spend the next

decade looking after our minds.”

Sue Harmsworth, MBE, Founder ESPA.

Every time friends come round to our house they rave about the ESPA scents from candles, hand wash and lotion.   So when a stunning set of products from their latest wellness range arrived at the door I was delighted.  Let’s get these products smeared all over me.  The kids, as per usual, were in on it too.


One of my favourites is the new limited addition (I am sad by the work limited as in my opinion it should be a staple in my handbag) ‘Inner calm’ balm, a restorative aromatherapy pulse-point balm to unwind a busy mind. The scent instantly takes my senses to the spa, which means I will most definitely be taking it on the plane shortly with two little ones under 5 years old (I suspect a large gin and tonic will be needed too or even better a bottle of champagne).



My little people love skincare products.  They are in on ‘spamazing’ scents.  In 15 years when they look back on their childhood, the smell of ESPA will trigger happy emotions. Just like me when I smell coconut butter.  Ah life was good.


The instant facial in a bottle is sheer luxury and you can hear more about it in the vlog below, if you have not already seen it across social media.




I suffer with dry lips and this feels like silk and smells great.  I sometimes mix it in with other products and layer on my skin before bed.


Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser 

The cream is silky and luxurious and just what my face needs at the end of the day.

I was in for a huge treat this year as ESPA has come super local.  Lynne Buckham, Director of Vibe, the boutique health and beauty clinic at my all time favourite health club – David Lloyd, Glasgow Road, shares my passion for the products.  In fact, when I met her I was a little ‘spa therapist star struck’.  This gal has trained therapists at  leading ESPA resorts.  She has been flown around the world to some of the most incredible spas to help launch them and train.  She is a top class therapist.  The type that puts me into a hypnotic trance.  As soon as I hit the treatment bed, complete with soft fluffy towels and chilled music (can’t forget the sense of sound) I surrender fully.  My body and my mind are beyond calm. Listen to Lynne in the vlog below, she is just lovely.


A great massage is my medicine.  I am a runner and this year I have also started embracing weights.  I’m getting involved with the ‘strong is the new skinny’ era.  A massage is not just to relax and unwind.  I need regular massages for my body and my mind.  A good massage helps me to prevent injury.  It releases toxins and tension in parts of my body that were crying out to be restored.  A massage is never a waste of money.  In fact, I would prioritise a good massage over a new pair of shoes any day of the week.  I was actually speechless when I left the clinic.  I went home and sank into bed before falling into the deepest sleep.  My body felt healed.

After my first massage at Vibe, I woke with positive vibes.  I had a Vibe injection and it felt awesome.  The name is brilliant.  I felt energised and ready to take on the world.  Or at least Graeme Starkey, my Personal trainer.  The man has no mercy, as Lynne recently realised after working on my shoulders after a session with him. I can’t even tell you how good it felt when she got those knots out.  Lynne also spotted that I am a teeth grinder.  She could tell over a quick feel of my neck which impressed me all the more.

I sent my brother Iain, who is also a keen runner, to see Lynne.  He has been for a few sports massages over the years and was starting to lose faith.  I assured him he would be in great hands and that she would find the knots. I felt a bit pressure as he had booked her in the day before he took on the Kilomathon.  Not only did he say it was the best massage he has ever had, he came 78th at the race out of over 1,500 runners. It is no wonder Vibe is doing so well and Lynne has already expanded her team.

To be in for a chance to win some incredible ESPA products AND a luxury facial at Vibe – check out my competition over on the Mummy Jojo facebook page (pinned post).

Oh and you are in for a treat.  Quote ‘Mummy Jojo’ for any 40 minute ESPA massage of your choice. You can choose from; Classic, Aromatherapy, Fitness, Hot Stone for £30!!!! (a saving of up to £15) or why not show off those tanned hands at their best with a Jessica Geleration manicure – get this for £25 ( normally £32). This offer will be valid from NOW until Friday 30th June when you like and share the Vibe beauty clinic Facebook page.





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